Remembering Warda Al Jazairia: Happy 74th Birthday



Saidia – Google surprised the Arab World with a logo remembering the talented late Algerian-born singer, Warda Al Jazairia who is, without a doubt, one of the Arab world’s most celebrated singers of all times. The late singer sold over 50 albums, starred in numerous movies and gained a fame only few have reached, and fewer will ever reach.

325 Grandson witness the Marriage of their AGED GRANDPA!

Saidia – Al Arabiya published an article today of a grandpa in his 90’s marrying a 20 year-old in Iraq.

A Man in his 90’s from the war-torn Iraq just married a 20 year-old young woman in a marriage witnessed by the man’s 18 children and 325 grandchildren…talk about a BIG FAMILY! What makes things even more “strange” is the fact that the little girl young woman said that she agreed to marry the old man only after seeing his photo…we guess they showed her his photo of 50 years ago, maybe.

These kinds of weddings have been common in the Arab world in the past, but this wedding is by far one of the very few out-in-the-open marriages (of this kind)

Saudi Arabia to Block/Ban “Skype” and “WhatsApp” … TODAY


Saidia – Authorities in Saudi Arabia are moving towards banning yet another internet services … Skype and WhatsApp!

Following a string of rumors concerning banning Skype and WhatsApp, young peoples worst nightmare in Saudi Arabia may be knowing there door. Al Arabiaa, a pro-Saudi pan-Arab news channel reported today via its website that the Communications and Information Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia has decided to ban both “Skype” and “WhatsApp” without giving any extra details beside mentioning that the two services did not meet Saudi standards and rules of communication.

This comes as comments under the article blasted the decision, while some wondered why is Al Arabiya reporting about Assad’s dictatorship in such a negative manner while deliberately ignoring what authorities in Saudi Arabia are doing.

The Wafi Abdouss Diaries becoming “This Is Wafi Abdouss”

TWADB is happy to announce that starting from July 1st 2013, the blog will be publishing more actively providing readers with the latest entertainment, sport, music and political news. TWADB will also change its name to “This Is Wafi Abdouss”

Our goal is becoming your favorite and richest, most diverse WordPress blog.

Al Akhawayn University FUN RUN 2013: Can’t Forget This Day!


Ok, so today was a the Fun Run day organized by one of my university’s leading organizations ‘hand in hand’.

Basically, people run across the city of Ifrane with some being famous athletes and all the proceeds of this race go to charity. After the run, a lunch is served and again the proceeds go o charity. And then, students get to have some fun with people invited from outside the university and who are urged to buy tickets in order to play games and stuff (again $ to charity). 

Before the event began I like other students bought Tombola tickets hoping I could win something! and FINALLY, I won a 1 day stay in a luxurious riad in fes for two!! I was surprised to hear my name while I was dancing it off with friends at the center of the soccer field. I surprised myself in how fun I can be or maybe I just forgot how fun of a person I can be!

At the end, A Gala is held and this year some of the biggest names in the Arab music world are performing such as Cheb Khaled and the Arab Got Talent band “Casa Acrobate” but importunately I didn’t buy a ticket to attend (500 Dh isn’t that cheap you know) But I HAD SO MUCH FUN!