BREAKING: Chris Brown’s Probation Could be REVOKED


Saidia – Gossip website TMZ just reported that Chris Brown’s Probation could be revoked! 

TMZ states that the L.A. County District Attorney has just filed legal documents asking the judge in the Rihanna beating case to REVOKE HIS PROBATION.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the D.A. is asking for the revocation based on charges being filed against Brown in connection with a hit-and-run last May.  Brown left the scene without forking over a California driver’s license and proper insurance info.

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Rihanna Skips ANOTHER deposition …. Risks losing Millions of Dollars


Saidia – TMZ reports that Rihanna just skipped a very important deposition as part of a heated legal fight between Rihanna and her previous management company.

Rihanna sued her former money managers, claiming they mismanaged her funds and owed her millions. However the firm, Berdon LLP, fired back, saying Ri’s money woes were her own fault adding that they owe Rihanna nothing. For the past 9 months, Berdon has been trying to get Rihanna to sit down for an interview however, RiRi always seem to cancel, avoid or extend. Berdon even claim that they accommodated Rihanna being in London and agreed for a deposition there costing them $100,000 back in June 19th. Now, the management company is pissed and is out for blood some payback.

The company is asking a judge to dismiss the singer’s multi-million dollar case against them and moreover, they want her fined at least $100,000 for their wasted time and resources.

Chris Brown’s DAD is against his son dating Rihanna! WTF!!!


Ok, the whole world might agree on the fact that Chris Brown made a HUGE mistake in beating Rihanna in 09 and we were all shocked to see her back in his arms! But we said that he changed, apologized and its Riri’s life but now comes the SHOCKER!

CB’s dad is now on the offensive stating that he is against his son dating Rihanna and although he stated that on-again/off-again relationship aren’t good I don’t think he has the right to speak about this subject seeing that he himself left Chris Brown’s mother when CB was 6.

I guess that its Brown’s (the young one) and Rihanna’s choice to spend their lives with whom ever they want! We only wish them a great life!