Amanda Bynes: The New American Obsession


Saidia – We answer the question everyone’s been asking …. Is Amanda Bynes becoming the new American obsession.

How many times have we seen the name “Amanda Bynes” popping on elite gossip websites and TV programs such the Insider, TMZ, ET and more? Before 2012, Amanda was an “on the side” subject as the media gave more space to Lindsay Lohan, Britney and such. However, with LILO seemingly getting well, Britney releasing one hit after the other and others either dead or staying off the radar…Amanda’s supposed meltdown has become a juicy subject for the media.

Amanda, most notably known for movies such as “She’s the Man” and TV shows such as “The Amanda Show”, has been posting what media outlets called bizarre tweets, photos and videos for the past year or so but the media really started publishing Amanda-related news when the starlet’s actions took a risky road that included shaving her head, burning a driveway of a home, involving in 2 hit-and-run cases and spending $1.5 Million of her money.

So is Amanda Bynes becoming the new obsession of America, is she taking the spotlights of the paparazzi away from Lindsay Lohan? Or is this just an act from Amanda who retweeted one of her followers who tweeted “@AmandaBynes All publicity is good publicity”?

Exclusive: Amanda Bynes TO BE RELEASED


Saidia – Perez Hilton reports that Actress Amanda Bynes requested to be released ASAP from her psychiatric hospital as er parents faced a defeat in their quest to take charge of Amanda’s $8 Million estate.

However, sources connected with the case report that Amanda’s lawyers are very hopeful that the judge will grant Amanda release from her hospital. When asked about how they will persuade the judge to sign her release cheat, sources said “Its classified”. On a related note, Amanda’s parents failed to push a judge to grant them temporary¬†conservatorship to control both her personal and financial well being.

We wish all the best for Amanda Bynes who is, by far, one of Disney and Hollywood’s most talented and funny actresses of all times.

Amanda Bynes’s twitter followers reach nearly 3 Million


Saidia – Amanda Bynes’s actions may raise many eyebrows, but wasn’t Charlie Sheen’s behavior questioned back in 2011 until he scored his ow show and basically re-branded his image successfully creating a cult.

Amanda on the other hand, although enjoy small-scale success as a Disney star and starring in memorable movies such as she’s the man, still was far from being as famous as her peers (aka Lindsay Lohan). Recently, Amanda emerged as the latest “koko” celeb with a string of weird photos, tweets and erratic behaviors. Some have been saying she’s going crazy, needs help or bipolar but her erratic behavior gained her free press attention, more movie roles, higher appearance fees and more importantly, the attention raised her twitter followers from merely half a million to nearly 3 MILLION! so who is the stupid now?

Everyone of us dreams, even in secret, of the lives of the rich and famous but we choose to sit around and criticize their lives.