So Why Do I hate the SSK1213?


When I first enrolled in Al Akhawayn University I never imagined that I will be studying something called “SSK”.

I first started with SSK1211 (got a B+) and then SSK1212 (got a C+) and now I’m studying SSK1213 which is AT LAST! the final SSK class! I hate the SSK1213 simply because it is simply pointless to me. I’m an International studies student and I don’t see anything fruitful in studying the SSK1213. 

It is supposed to be “to improve the critical thinking” of students but as far as am concerned, the only thing we do is “fallacies, arguments ….. etc”. I just hate this school subject my dear diary and I WANT IT TO BE CANCELED! Killed off and deleted so that other students in the future avoid having to think so much about it and spend long hours studying for a class worth “2 CREDITS”.