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Jennifer Lopez: Smoking Hot for an “old” Woman!

In this photo the originally-from-Latin-America singer looks like if she is in her 20’s not 40’s!

The Syrian Government Welcomes “Friends Of Syria” Conference calls for a Political Solution


TEHRAN, (TWADB) – The final statement of the Friends of Syria Conference which was convened in Tehran on Wednesday stressed that the Syrian comprehensive national dialogue is the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria, asserting rejection of any foreign interference and support to the international efforts for solution, particularly the Geneva Conference.

The statement rejected any aggression on the Syrian territories and the killing of citizens, stressing the necessity of halting violence, lifting the economic embargo on Syria and the return of the displaced Syrians.

The statement added that participants from Arab, Islamic, African, Latin America and European countries and international personalities representing the genuine friends of the Syrian people at the international conference convened in  Tehran stressed the necessity of preserving the regional stability and agreed to consolidate the national dialogue being the only way for settling the crisis in Syria.

The statement called on all conflicting parties in Syria to avoid violence and halt clashes immediately as well as paving the ground for a democratic process.

The participants rejected any foreign interference in Syria, strongly condemning any foreign aggression on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and the massacres committed against the Syrian unarmed citizens by the armed terrorist groups.

They considered the flow of arms and money to Syria as contradicting the international law and the political solution and it aggravates the crisis and jeopardizes the regional stability.

The statement stressed the necessity of halting violence and bloodshed immediately, expressing concerns over escalating the crisis and fueling conflicts in the region.

The participants expressed support to the ongoing international efforts and accord concerning Geneva Conference, hailing the preliminary agreement of Syria to participate in the conference. They also expressed support to the efforts exerted by the UN and the mission of UN Envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi.

The statement emphasized the necessity of sending humanitarian aid to cut down on the suffering and pain of the Syrian people through the Red Crescent in the Syrian Arab Republic, asserting the necessity of lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Syria immediately and facilitating the return of the displaced Syrians to their homes.

After reading the statement, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi answered the questions of journalists as he condemned the EU decision on lifting the arms embargo on the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

He pointed out that some EU countries opposed the decision, but the authoritarian and colonialist powers managed to impose their views on the rest of the EU countries.

He strongly condemned the stealthy entry of U.S.Senator John McCain into the Syrian territories and his meeting with a number of armed terrorist groups’ leaders.

Earlier, the Friends of Syria conference kicked off in the Iranian capital of Tehran, with delegations from 40 countries participating in the conference under the headline of “political solution and regional stability.”

In his opening speech, Minister Salehi said that this conference constitutes an important step for resolving the crisis in Syria, stressing that since the beginning of the crisis, Iran focused on the need to stop bloodshed and take peaceful steps to restore calm in Syria in order to implement reforms and realize the Syrians’ demands.

Salehi pointed out that Iran supported Moscow’s efforts to hold an international conference, and that it proposed a six-point plan for resolving the crisis in Syria based on stopping violence, continuing national dialogue, and laying the groundwork for free elections to form a new parliament and form a new constitution, all of which would allow the Syrians to dictate their true will democratically away from foreign interference.

He asserted that Iran rejects funding and arming irresponsible armed groups in Syria by some sides, the need for not allowing foreign interference in Syria and that the sides claiming to want democracy for the Syrian people must let them decide their destiny on their own.

Salehi warned that what is happening in Syria will destabilize the region and the world and lead to destructive repercussions, affirming that violence and delaying the political solution isn’t in any country’s interest and would lead to a situation that’s even more difficult to manage than the current crisis.

He pointed out that Iran communicated effectively with all Syrian opposition groups which respect sovereignty and oppose foreign interference, in addition to supporting regional and international steps that emphasize a political solution, such as Kofi Annan’s initiative and the efforts of Lakhdar Brahimi.

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Diary #4: Finally Home ……. Berkane City Secret


Hello world, hello Morocco!

Today I write from the capital of orange, Berkane city, my hometown and my proud and joy! I can’t imagine I’m finally here in the most beautiful city in Morocco. Although many people in Morocco enjoy joking about it and laughing at its residence I personally believe that they only don’t see what lies behind the curtains of their ignorance. Berkane is a beautiful city, surrounded with lush gardens and orange orchards..The breathtaking gold sand beach of Saidia is few minutes away while the sprawling forests of the Tafughalet Mountains can be found just few kilometers from the city. However if you are into the Sahara’s beautiful landscapes and oases you can find them at your disposal just 70km south of the city.

Few people know about Berkane City Secrets, but if you up to adventures remember that the key to forever remembered memories is at your reach if and only if you visit Berkane City.

Megastar Angelina Jolie removes both of her Breasts, fears cancer.


Megastar Angelina Jolie reportedly underwent a double mastectomy procedure in order to minimize her risk of breast cancer. 

Angelina penned an op-ed published in the New York Times, in which she reveals, that Doctors estimated that she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer.

It should be kept in mind that Jolie’s mother died after a long battle with cancer back in 2007.

Michael Jackson: King Of Pop’s Fortune Ballooned to a net $1.12 Billion


Michael Jackson’s three children Prince,Paris and Blanket are in to enjoy the same or even more luxurious lifestyle as their father’s finances gain more momentum.

According to sources, The Michael Jackson Estate has earned between April 2012 and April 2013 over $150 Million which was used mostly to payoff the remainder of Jackson’s $500 Million debt. This brings Michael Jackson’s fortune back to over $1 Billion mainly from his 50% stake in Sony/ATV, The Michael Jackson Company, MiJack and other assets including the Jackson family compound in Encino, California.

The Jacksons are in the process of a trial against concert promoter AEG which the family accuses of negligence leading the family along with Michael’s three children to file a $40 Billion lawsuit against the company (not million, it’s billion) and in the case they won, the family will be earning tens of Millions of dollars but presumably not $40 Billion.


Akhawayn’s Rising Talent: From Thrift Shop to Weld Al Akhawayn

Adel Abaab is a university student who I first came to know when I joined Akhawayn’s Drama Club in early 2012 (my first semester).

Since I withdrew from the club after some confrontations between the club’s members my relationship with him subsequently ended with absolutely no prospects of friendship (mutual I guess)

Last summer, Akhawayn Gossip Boy was created and Abaab was one of the first and most “blasted” students on the Facebook-based group. I don’t know how it got out, but a rumor stating that I was behind it started to spread and soon enough I found myself in a heated battle with Adel. Little did he or other accusers know that I only served as an admin for a small period of time and was about to leave the group.

Since then, we’ve never had any face-to-face confrontations but rather a raging war on the internet but today, I’ve decided to say the truth, to congratulates Abaab on his marvelous achievements and to showcase my deepest and sincerest best wishes for him to continue in this path. For me, and possibly to many others, Adel Abaab deserves to pursue a career in show-business as from the looks of it he is always not short of ideas and funny projects.

He is a great actor, a seemingly joyful person and a great impersonator and he sure in hell deserves to be on Mawazine as a friend of mine said to me.