Kate Middleton’s Fortune worth Millions of Dollars


Saidia – The future queen of England Kate Middleton has been making headlines since her 2011 fairytale-like marriage to prince William, but today, its her finances that will be making headlines apart from her much-talked about baby news.

There is nothing more exciting for “commoners” than to view exactly how celebrities, in this case royalty, spend their cash and we have the latest. From forbes to WikiHow, we searched through the net and got help from ever-helping sources to know exactly how wealthy is Kate and her hubby!  Kate gets a monthly salary from her husband in the tune of $50,000 while her “official” travels, appearances, clothes and such are paid by the British thrown. Middleton also gets financial aid from her father-in-law and parents who are believed to be worth $10 Million.

Kate also struck business deals with magazines, fashion stores and companies for indirect endorsement and image use, racking over $3 Million a year let alone all the “under the table” income from unknown sources let alone gifts and presents from the world’s rich and powerful. All of this brings Kate’s net worth to Millions of dollars while at the time of her marriage, she only owned a £1 Million flat in Chelsea.