Chris Brown’s DAD is against his son dating Rihanna! WTF!!!


Ok, the whole world might agree on the fact that Chris Brown made a HUGE mistake in beating Rihanna in 09 and we were all shocked to see her back in his arms! But we said that he changed, apologized and its Riri’s life but now comes the SHOCKER!

CB’s dad is now on the offensive stating that he is against his son dating Rihanna and although he stated that on-again/off-again relationship aren’t good I don’t think he has the right to speak about this subject seeing that he himself left Chris Brown’s mother when CB was 6.

I guess that its Brown’s (the young one) and Rihanna’s choice to spend their lives with whom ever they want! We only wish them a great life!

Diary #2: Moving Out, Moving In! Just got my own single room but with a catch!


Just a couple of days ago, I was hoping to get a single room! Boom I stroke a deal with the housing office to leave my room (my roommate is also forced to leave); as a result of so many problems between me and my roommate; and move into an apartment of six people.

Its not as bad as you might think, I got a room all to myself seeing its empty and the only bummer thing about this whole situation is that I have to share the bathroom! And I feel an urge beyond me to tell you that the bathroom is as clean as a dirty trash can!

well, life goes both ways and I was lucky enough to have found this room and even though the other residents seem nice I made it my mission to stay alone and stay safe from any interactions which will lead to debates which might lead to disagreements and which will definitely lead to confrontations! oh well, its better this way!

Diary #1: Could I get a single room?


This is my third semester at Akhawayn in Ifrane, which is a university modeled as Morocco’s Harvard (cliche I know!) and its students are considered and celebrated as the next or future leaders of Morocco.

However, behind all of this glamour and mesmerizing facade, lies the fact that many students are forced to live in a double room, some not even inside campus without the possibility to pay double and get a single room. I know that this might get me in so much trouble and my plate is already full with controversy stemming from my westernized character! but if people truly believe in democracy, freedom of expression and Constructive criticism they will have no other way than to accept my right to self-express my utter disappointment with how the system of Morocco’s so-called N°1 university works. Single rooms should be available to those able to pay the fee and not be strictly evolving around a seemingly endless waiting-list.

As of this writing, I’m positioned 77th on the list! I may never get the single room seeing that I have about 2 to 2.5 years to graduate.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in NORWAY! at the same time!


Ok so I can’t wait to hear what will happen next in the JB & SG saga as two of the world’s biggest singers go head to head!

I only have a question for Selena, how could you use Justin and slam the end of your relationship at his face? don’t get me wrong I’m not even a fan but I just want to know! Hell everyone wants to know and yes you have the right of private life but the moment you chose to become and actress/singer was the exact moment where you decided to leave privacy behin

No one is talking seriously, Justin is ranting on Instagram and behaving like “boss/diva” and enjoying spending his $100 Million net worth while Selena indulges in her newly acquired world-fame! and banking on her new album singles. GIVE US ANSWERS!   

A Picnicking Day: Going Out With Mehdi & Ismael


Finally, after along time since we last went out together, we are finally getting together for a much needed rest in the woods!

This is the first time me, Ismael and Mehdi decide to have a day in the woods as I remember since the day we met we only went to restaurants, cafés and hotels! This would be interesting seeing the it is my first picnicking fiasco since ….. A LONG LONG Time! boy oh boy, can I be any more excited. We’re gonna buy food from our university’s restaurants, wear comfy clothes and walk to a beautiful area in the atlas mountains! I seem to be unable to recall the name of this alluring area but fear none, I’ll tell you when I comeback!

Its 11:34 and only 2 hours and a half separates me from going and so I’d better watch DALLAS, and get ready afterwords!



I’ll make this short, Justin Bieber’s fame is fading just as fast as it rose! PSY just released his latest video and it has reached nearly 35 Million views! Bieber’s All Around The World song reached only a mere 3.5 Million (about 10% of PSY’s song).

Although Bieber’s song is much better and more meaningful, its just LAME to hear the same still over and over! PSY will also face the same faith once his style gets old! INNOVATION Needed my friends hahahah Bieber You’re Dead.

Lindsay Lohan: I Love You, But You’re GOING BROKE!


Lindsay Lohan has been one of my very few idols (this word is hated in my country of Origin Morocco and Islamic world hhh) for years now and I’ve been following her life since I can remember. 

I still have so much faith in her and I can’t wait when I see her back on top where she needs to be but besides her “bad” behavior which we all know, Lindsay should in my very humble opinion take good care of her finances as she is still able to pull in serious cash from basically doing nothing but partying. BE IN CONTROL of your bank accounts, watch your spending  BUY A HOUSE, OWN SOMETHING and stop renting expensive mansions in L.A. and BUY an affordable mansion or a house in another state! NO one will be there for you because everyone want to see you fail the same way many want to see me fail and the only way to rub it in their faces is to take charge of your life and BE RESPONSIBLE and in no way do I mean that you’re not a responsible person because I believe you just put yourself in “undesirable” situations.

From a fan in Morocco, be confidant that you still have a strong fan base supporting and cheering for your success and no matter what happens we will always be here to support you and the Anger Management ratings proof you still have Hollywood’s power! 


Letters To Margaret Thatcher: Part 1

Since I was a child, starting from the fifth grade to be exact, I’ve been fascinated with Margaret Thatcher.

My Father only spoke about her one or two times but I just fell in love with her title (Iron Lady) and I had no interest in her policies at all (neither do I now seeing I’m Moroccan).

As I grew up, my fascination got deeper and deeper and it was more of a I-wanna-be-like-her fascination and I can for sure say that I personally took some of her characters and integrated them into my life. She was a strong lady who drove Britain away from being too-envolved with Europe and kept it a leading country not a following country and for that, the British should all respect her.

And from Morocco, we mourn the loss of a great, different and once in a lifetime type of a leader. RIP M.T.

The Amazing Enardam – Episode 1 (Childhood)


Enardam was born as the fifth child in 1968 to a family that can simply described as rooted and traditional. Since the smoothness her nails Enardam shined and took the spotlight from the rest of the family members especially her three older sisters and her big brother Fatime. 

At the age of 7, Enardam enrolled to school where although being from a poor family struggling to keep food on the table was able to create a place for herself within the group of the school’s brightest and intelligent young students with unrepresented achievements and high goals that no one in her up and coming class could even imagine in his/her wildest dreams. Enardam was able to keep getting absolute admiration from her teachers and friends who called her “Brightness”. However, as she continued to shine in her academic life little Enardam’s personal life was so turbulent that it would be just perfect as a big Hollywood movie. 

In the narrow streets of a forgotten small city in Morocco’s Rif region lies the family home where Enardam along with her 4 older siblings and her newly born sister of 10 days live. The year was 1977 and Enardam was happy to finally be a big sister however her happiness was short lived and with their loving father gone for Germany to work in order to provide more money for his children, Enardam was left surrounded with her abusive siblings, short-tempered mother and screaming grandmother who couldn’t get any farther from being a loving granny. As her buffer zone father gone from the picture, Enardam’s life took a turn towards the worst and from being forced to clean and cook to taking care of her younger sister as her mother finds no time at her disposal to care for her baby as most of her time is spent taking care of her husband’s mother own demands and hurtful words that were cutting her more than a thousand knife could.

By 1980, Enardam’s father Mourad returned from Germany with good news. The family is moving to a better, bigger and more beautiful house in a middle class area of the city. Being a middle class family was a big thing back then especially in the small agricultural city of Enakreeb where only one or two family had enough money to be considered rich. The same year, Enardam’s happiness seemed to be taking off with the arrival of her second younger sister Shoura whose name is derived from the Islamic tradition of (Al Shoura*). Moved away from her grandmother’s house the family of 9 moved to a big house where each two siblings slept in one room except Enardam who seemed to have been left with a corner in the sitting room. Her stuff isolated in a small corner behind the recently acquired second-hand (Salon*).

At the age of 12, Enardam has survived the tyranny of her mother, siblings cruelty and grandmothers unbearable screaming and demands. Could her life…….now that she is getting close to her teen years change to the better? Or will she stays buried under her family’s authoritarian rule?