Justin Bieber: I’m Not A Girl Anymore – Check Out My Abs!


Justin Bieber Risks Going to JAIL – New Report


Saidia – “This Is Wafi Abdouss” has learned from sources close to Justin Bieber that the singer was given a strong warning from the police after a picture of him holding a beer was leaked on the internet.

TMZ first reported about Justin’s beer photo in which Selena Gomez, his on-again off-again girlfriend, is seen canoodling with her Boyfriend. Bieber who is only 19, and by law not allowed to drink alcohol, was served by the police department with a strong warning about his latest stint. Another breaking news concerning Bieber’s antics is a claim that he spitted on the face of a man (more details on TMZ)

Bieber has been on the headlines lately mostly for news related to his private life (pot smoking, speeding and bucket peeing) rather than his singing career. Check out TMZ for Justin’s photo.

Demi Lovato Apologizes to Justin Bieber and his Fans (Kinda)


Saidia – Demi Lovato seems to be afraid of any reprisals by Justin Bieber’s army of Beliebers after taking what looked like a low shot at him during the X-Factor.

As we have previously reported, Demi had some “tough” words for a 22 year-old performer who sung a JB Song while the other ones performance was met with love from both the audience and the judges but demi had to add “Well finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung.” Instantly, websites, blogs, twitter users, facebook and even instagram went into a storm of questions wondering about the intentions of Demi, and while we too published an article about the “incident”, Demi used her twitter account to respond to this “storm” and tweeted her “Love” to Justin Bieber adding that her intentions were far from criticizing Justin (as a person), his music or fans. Demi Tweeted 3 tweets:

“Btw – no shade thrown at Justin. So many people audition with his songs.. Finally someone sang it the way it was meant to be sung..”

“Meaning, finally someone sang it the way JUSTIN sang it.”

“Ain’t got nothin’ but love for @justinbieber and his beliebers”

Well, as we said, the whole thing may have been a misunderstanding … or was it? The good thing is that Demi is keen to keep her relationships and friendship with fellow A-listers intact.

Demi Lovato “Fiercely” attacks Justin Bieber!


Saidia – Unlike millions of fans around the world, Demi Lovato isn’t a Belieber (she ain’t a fan of the Bieber)! And it loudly showed when she criticized a 22-year old JB wannabe and commented another one for the way he sung a JB song.

Demi Lovato criticized on the X-Factor two candidates using Justin Bieber’s songs, the first hopeful wasn’t lucky as the second one seeing that Demi disliked his performance (to say the least) commenting that “We don’t need another little punk running the streets”. However, seeing that the second performance was met with love from both the audience and the other judges Lovato went on and said ” Well finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung”.

Oh La La (Britney style), has Demi just opened a war with one of the world’s biggest singers along with his 40 Million followers? Hopefully its only a big misunderstanding.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in NORWAY! at the same time!


Ok so I can’t wait to hear what will happen next in the JB & SG saga as two of the world’s biggest singers go head to head!

I only have a question for Selena, how could you use Justin and slam the end of your relationship at his face? don’t get me wrong I’m not even a fan but I just want to know! Hell everyone wants to know and yes you have the right of private life but the moment you chose to become and actress/singer was the exact moment where you decided to leave privacy behin

No one is talking seriously, Justin is ranting on Instagram and behaving like “boss/diva” and enjoying spending his $100 Million net worth while Selena indulges in her newly acquired world-fame! and banking on her new album singles. GIVE US ANSWERS!   



I’ll make this short, Justin Bieber’s fame is fading just as fast as it rose! PSY just released his latest video and it has reached nearly 35 Million views! Bieber’s All Around The World song reached only a mere 3.5 Million (about 10% of PSY’s song).

Although Bieber’s song is much better and more meaningful, its just LAME to hear the same still over and over! PSY will also face the same faith once his style gets old! INNOVATION Needed my friends hahahah Bieber You’re Dead.

Justin Bieber: A Michael Jackson Wannabe Showoff


I can honestly say that me out off all my friends actually liked the Bieber and supported him from the very first beginning and I saw his fame rose to unprecedented levels, with hit singles reaching the N°1 spot around the globe.

His success glimmered hope for the young and deprived generation all around the world that anyone can make it even in modern times. Unfortunately, Justin Bieber started slipping slowly towards the fascinating and addicting world of Hollywood as his style, hairstyle and songs changed completely from the innocent image it once had. From having many girlfriends, to dating the IT girl Selena Gomez who I can say clearly that she used him to get what she wants “MORE FAME”. Justin started looking at himself as if he was the next Michael Jackson copying his style and type of songs (Chris Brown too by the way). The Bieber is making such an effort to ignite controversy around him that he might be the first one to be hurt by the storm of mistakes he’s making. From stiffing young fans to sniffing god knows what and from spending millions of dollars on cars to hanging out with the wrong crowd This might be his own little way to show the world that he is a tough guy and that he is no longer that girly-voice nice guy who the world once fell in love with (by the world I mean teenage girls).

The vast majority of MJ’s song reached the top 10 and a great amount of them reached the N°1 spot and Michael was never 3 hours late from a concert, ever. Bieber should stop trying to link himself to a Legend and start focusing on polishing his own name so that he, lets be optimistic, becomes a legend for the achievements he made