Akhawayn’s Rising Talent: From Thrift Shop to Weld Al Akhawayn

Adel Abaab is a university student who I first came to know when I joined Akhawayn’s Drama Club in early 2012 (my first semester).

Since I withdrew from the club after some confrontations between the club’s members my relationship with him subsequently ended with absolutely no prospects of friendship (mutual I guess)

Last summer, Akhawayn Gossip Boy was created and Abaab was one of the first and most “blasted” students on the Facebook-based group. I don’t know how it got out, but a rumor stating that I was behind it started to spread and soon enough I found myself in a heated battle with Adel. Little did he or other accusers know that I only served as an admin for a small period of time and was about to leave the group.

Since then, we’ve never had any face-to-face confrontations but rather a raging war on the internet but today, I’ve decided to say the truth, to congratulates Abaab on his marvelous achievements and to showcase my deepest and sincerest best wishes for him to continue in this path. For me, and possibly to many others, Adel Abaab deserves to pursue a career in show-business as from the looks of it he is always not short of ideas and funny projects.

He is a great actor, a seemingly joyful person and a great impersonator and he sure in hell deserves to be on Mawazine as a friend of mine said to me.


Rebecca Black – My Moment (Instrumental)

Many People might say that Rebecca Black’s success is due, at least mostly, to her infamous song Friday but the girl seems to have shin out and proved that she has some talent.

She is no Beyonce or Rihanna but she can go head to head with nowadays uptown singers who use and generally misuse autotune. Rebecca’s voice got better surely with a lot of work, her songs also enhanced and the beats used are for me at least sound good or fair.

If you were to compare Rebecca to the Ex-Girlfriends (A.K.A the Web’s cancer) I’d choose Rebecca in heartbeat….just sayin



I’ll make this short, Justin Bieber’s fame is fading just as fast as it rose! PSY just released his latest video and it has reached nearly 35 Million views! Bieber’s All Around The World song reached only a mere 3.5 Million (about 10% of PSY’s song).

Although Bieber’s song is much better and more meaningful, its just LAME to hear the same still over and over! PSY will also face the same faith once his style gets old! INNOVATION Needed my friends hahahah Bieber You’re Dead.


Letters To Margaret Thatcher: Part 1

Since I was a child, starting from the fifth grade to be exact, I’ve been fascinated with Margaret Thatcher.

My Father only spoke about her one or two times but I just fell in love with her title (Iron Lady) and I had no interest in her policies at all (neither do I now seeing I’m Moroccan).

As I grew up, my fascination got deeper and deeper and it was more of a I-wanna-be-like-her fascination and I can for sure say that I personally took some of her characters and integrated them into my life. She was a strong lady who drove Britain away from being too-envolved with Europe and kept it a leading country not a following country and for that, the British should all respect her.

And from Morocco, we mourn the loss of a great, different and once in a lifetime type of a leader. RIP M.T.

SYRIA: Fresh Bombings In The War-Torn Country’s Capital

This is a follow-up video to the article I posted about the bombings by the “Free Syrian Army” in Syria’s capital city and seat of Assad’s rule.

For More Information:


Gaddafi – The Last Will Of Libya’s Leader (Arabic)

There is no denying that Gaddafi ruled Libya with an iron fist but even with all of his negative side, I see that what happened in Libya wasn’t a revolution — It was an attack by NATO-backed rebels.

Gaddafi provided the best he can for his people, he changed Libya from one of the poorest in the world to Africa’s best and most developed country (Factbook). Libya is now swimming in chaos and inner-fighting with no army, no security and nearly a Somalia-like situation that is deteriorating by the minute. Gaddafi was the last of the Arabs defiant leaders, he was a dictator but haven’t you asked a question: Does democracy work in every country? or better, can a US-like democracy work in a country where democracy is not understood and not respected? Before imposing democracy there should be a certain amount of evolution among the people, among the arabs.

I can’t say I hated Gaddafi, I actually supported him against the rag-tag rebels who had no legitimacy whatsoever and in my believe, A Foreign-backed rebellion is NOT a revolution.


Wafi Abdouss: Dirt Dancing Akhawayn

This Video got me in so much controversy! As you can see, there is nothing wrong (American standards) but, My Moroccans think its impolite and keep in mind that they are the same Moroccans who spend their night in night clubs drinking and doing god knows what!