The Vampire Diaries hottie Zach Roerig has a DAUGHTER!

Saidia – Entertainment websites report today that The Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig is asking the judge for sole custody of his daughter….wait, what? Zach has a kid?

Yes indeed, the VD hottie came out today as the newest member of Hollywood’s DILF society alongside the likes of Ryan Philppe and David Beckham. Roerig who used to date fellow VD co-star Candice Accola before their last year’s split is asking the judge for sole custody of his 2 year-old daughter after her mother was sentenced to federal prison and thats not everything! The actor is asking for child support from his baby mama! seriously?! The last thing we know about VD stars is their big fat salaries and although Zach isn’t a “PRINCIPAL” actor, he is part of the main cast meaning he is earning at the very least $15000 per episode (AT LEAST) which translate to an income of $260,000 for the 4th season of VD (he appeared in 17 episodes).

Don’t know about you but we were surprised to find out about Zach’s new daddy title! weren’t you?