Ellie Goulding’s Burn Is My Official Summer Anthem!

Saidia – So I’ve been uploading songs since may, just hoping to find a song that I can call my “Summer Anthem” but with no luck.

However, just yesterday, A Good friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall a link to Ellie’s song and I was like “Damn, this song is AMAZING”. and finally I’ve found the song of summer 2013. Its really sad that Ellie is underrated by the music industry and is often accused of using auto-tune by critics and music analysts, but I personally don’t care as long as the song is good….something people forget.

Ellie, you’re amazing and the industry will find itself sooner or later forced to recognize you.


The Peoples Music List: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

I debut our “Peoples Music List” with one of my all time songs on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Ares, Facebook, Twitter and EVERYWHERE! this song is so sick, so powerful and so FIERCE and FIERY!

Welcome to the new age…..