Ellie Goulding’s Burn Is My Official Summer Anthem!

Saidia – So I’ve been uploading songs since may, just hoping to find a song that I can call my “Summer Anthem” but with no luck.

However, just yesterday, A Good friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall a link to Ellie’s song and I was like “Damn, this song is AMAZING”. and finally I’ve found the song of summer 2013. Its really sad that Ellie is underrated by the music industry and is often accused of using auto-tune by critics and music analysts, but I personally don’t care as long as the song is good….something people forget.

Ellie, you’re amazing and the industry will find itself sooner or later forced to recognize you.


Former president Hosni Mubarak: Egypt’s only hope for stability?

Saidia – With the fall of a democratically elected president in Egypt Dr. Mohammed Morsi,many in and outside of Egypt are wondering if Mubarak was Egypt’s only hope for stability.

We don’t think so because even though Egypt was in a better shape during the rule of Mubarak especially in the foreign politic department it should be also noted that officials in Mubarak’s regime also ate their way through Egypt’s fortune, stealing Billions and causing major financial problems for Egypt.

Under Mubarak’s rule, Egypt’s dept rose to unprecedented records (until Morsi arrived) and corruption spread on different levels in all sorts of state department and no need to mention the degree of unemployment, poverty and illiteracy and that big fancy and wide spread three words “state of emergency”.

All this is bad but Egyptians enjoyed a stable life secured by strong security forces, intelligence and the much respected Armed forces. The question that should be asked is whether stability is better than freedom of expression…something Egypt’s Mubarak failed to give his people, among other necessities of a descent life.


MBC Max having serious ratings slide?

Recently I’ve been witnessing an unprecedented amount of publicity on different MBC channels hailing MBC Max and kinda begging people to start watching the channel which according to the promos has now “more choices”!

Since its creation back in 2008, I didn’t know exactly why MBC Max was created! I mean MBC 2 and MBC Action provide enough movies and series! I guess the administration in MBC Group thought its gonna be as successful as MBC 2 especially with the family and they proclaimed it to be a family-friendly channel but I failed to see any difference between MBC 2 and Max.

What can I say, was it a bad idea to launch MBC Max? Maybe but I highly doubt they’re gonna take if off the air because after all they kept MBC Persia.


Akhawayn’s Rising Talent: From Thrift Shop to Weld Al Akhawayn

Adel Abaab is a university student who I first came to know when I joined Akhawayn’s Drama Club in early 2012 (my first semester).

Since I withdrew from the club after some confrontations between the club’s members my relationship with him subsequently ended with absolutely no prospects of friendship (mutual I guess)

Last summer, Akhawayn Gossip Boy was created and Abaab was one of the first and most “blasted” students on the Facebook-based group. I don’t know how it got out, but a rumor stating that I was behind it started to spread and soon enough I found myself in a heated battle with Adel. Little did he or other accusers know that I only served as an admin for a small period of time and was about to leave the group.

Since then, we’ve never had any face-to-face confrontations but rather a raging war on the internet but today, I’ve decided to say the truth, to congratulates Abaab on his marvelous achievements and to showcase my deepest and sincerest best wishes for him to continue in this path. For me, and possibly to many others, Adel Abaab deserves to pursue a career in show-business as from the looks of it he is always not short of ideas and funny projects.

He is a great actor, a seemingly joyful person and a great impersonator and he sure in hell deserves to be on Mawazine as a friend of mine said to me.


Dounia Batma: A $500000 Apartment and $200000 Sport Cars

Morocco’s Dounia Batma seems to have hit it big as news breaking all over the world confirming that the starlet got Millions of dollars to sign a record with Platinum Records.

Batma who comes from an elite musical family in Morocco but still modest in terms of money is said to have signed a $1.1 Million 3 year contract with the recording company as well as getting a $500000 apartment in Dubai and a car (on top of the one she won in Arab Idol)

Well, I would kill to earn that amount of money and who knew that only a couple of years after participating in Morocco’s talent show Studio 2M, Batma will go o become an Arab star.


Revenge Series: The Exciting Story Of Wealth, Sex and Great Quotes

I First started watching Revenge last summer while sitting in our summer house living room sipping cold chocolate milk waiting the dawn prayers announcing the start of another day of fasting.

I Had so many episode to watch that I ended up watching over 3 episodes ravished by an exciting will to watch more and more scenes of a scandalously addictive series. Revenge can easily join the very reclusive club of my favorite series and please don’t let your minds to take into thinking that I’m one of those snubbing author-wannabes but rather a humble Movies/series/music fanatic who happens to know one thing or two about good things of world TV.

Revenge is by far one of the shows I can never get tired of and in a weird, self-indulging way I know not why I see a striking resemblance between my mother and Victoria Grayson, maybe because they are both powerful women or maybe because they simply share the same appeal…Well one thing for sure is that I learned so many information about how wealth can change a person’s life, how sex can lead to unexpected results and most importantly how nicely written quotes can make a show more entertaining and helpful source for a college student searching to impress his American professor.


The Peoples Music List: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

I debut our “Peoples Music List” with one of my all time songs on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Ares, Facebook, Twitter and EVERYWHERE! this song is so sick, so powerful and so FIERCE and FIERY!

Welcome to the new age…..


Rebecca Black – My Moment (Instrumental)

Many People might say that Rebecca Black’s success is due, at least mostly, to her infamous song Friday but the girl seems to have shin out and proved that she has some talent.

She is no Beyonce or Rihanna but she can go head to head with nowadays uptown singers who use and generally misuse autotune. Rebecca’s voice got better surely with a lot of work, her songs also enhanced and the beats used are for me at least sound good or fair.

If you were to compare Rebecca to the Ex-Girlfriends (A.K.A the Web’s cancer) I’d choose Rebecca in heartbeat….just sayin