Akhawayn’s Rising Talent: From Thrift Shop to Weld Al Akhawayn

Adel Abaab is a university student who I first came to know when I joined Akhawayn’s Drama Club in early 2012 (my first semester).

Since I withdrew from the club after some confrontations between the club’s members my relationship with him subsequently ended with absolutely no prospects of friendship (mutual I guess)

Last summer, Akhawayn Gossip Boy was created and Abaab was one of the first and most “blasted” students on the Facebook-based group. I don’t know how it got out, but a rumor stating that I was behind it started to spread and soon enough I found myself in a heated battle with Adel. Little did he or other accusers know that I only served as an admin for a small period of time and was about to leave the group.

Since then, we’ve never had any face-to-face confrontations but rather a raging war on the internet but today, I’ve decided to say the truth, to congratulates Abaab on his marvelous achievements and to showcase my deepest and sincerest best wishes for him to continue in this path. For me, and possibly to many others, Adel Abaab deserves to pursue a career in show-business as from the looks of it he is always not short of ideas and funny projects.

He is a great actor, a seemingly joyful person and a great impersonator and he sure in hell deserves to be on Mawazine as a friend of mine said to me.

Diary #3: The Final Day Of Regular Classes – An Open Letter


Dear readers,

The day has finally came, a day I waited to witness since the start of the semester, a day when all students get ready to pass their finals, pack their bags and say goodbye. Today is the beginning of a journey towards a refreshing 3 month vacation back and even though 5 days are still looming in between, I feel like if the 18th of may has arrived already. Happiness, fear, anxiety, hope and guilt fight together in my mind as I reflect upon my 4 month stint at Al Akhawayn University. But could I call it a stint, maybe an experience is more suitable but then again, if it is an experience it is still far from ending as the vacation approaching is only a much needed yet limited rest period that will come into an end by Sepetember 1st when a new Fall semester begins.

So, should I be happy that the semester is over and that I’m going back home to my room, our Mansion’s maids and my loyal friends? Or should I surrender and dive to the darkness of a reality evolving around the fact that I’m bound to comeback to this lonely place where I’m seen and portrayed as a rebel with a cause of destroying AUI’s students? Who knows, I on a personal note stand firm behind the believe that no matter what, I can always drop out of college and enjoy the perks of being a rich, influential and travel-loving Abdouss Family Member.

always with love,