Historic Relations Between Morocco and Saudi Arabia: Saving Morocco


Saidia – Morocco and Saudi Arabia have been close allies for decades and decades as both have proven to be loyal allies to one another throughout the years.

The royal families of both countries are reported to share the same ancestors and the same blood running in their veins and to say the least, it defiantly came in favor of both kingdoms. When Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait back in the 1990’s, Morocco decided no to participate in actions against Iraqi forces but announced the kingdom’s unflinching support to Saudi Arabia and sent 10000 soldiers from its best trained brigades along with heavy weaponry to be stationed near the borders, the capital and major oil fields. Most recently, Morocco expelled Iran’s ambassador in responses to the latter’s government hostile actions against Bahrain and the Golf countries. Morocco also stood with Saudi Arabia’s stance in the Syrian Civil War which showed the amount of coordination, cooperation and mutual support.

Saudi Arabia has been vividly supporting Morocco financially through providing Morocco with grants, zero interest loans, investments and even providing funds for the Moroccan military to enhance its capabilities and thus being able to keep up with neighboring oil-rich Algeria. History shows that Saudi Arabia’s financial support was crucial in Morocco’s ability to face the Polizario front in the war of sands back in the 1960’s along with all the financial burdens a war brings.

So we can easily say that even though Morocco has been there for Saudi Arabia for a long time, the latter’s political and financial support has been and still is playing a major role in helping Morocco’s financial and political stances.

Diary #4: Finally Home ……. Berkane City Secret


Hello world, hello Morocco!

Today I write from the capital of orange, Berkane city, my hometown and my proud and joy! I can’t imagine I’m finally here in the most beautiful city in Morocco. Although many people in Morocco enjoy joking about it and laughing at its residence I personally believe that they only don’t see what lies behind the curtains of their ignorance. Berkane is a beautiful city, surrounded with lush gardens and orange orchards..The breathtaking gold sand beach of Saidia is few minutes away while the sprawling forests of the Tafughalet Mountains can be found just few kilometers from the city. However if you are into the Sahara’s beautiful landscapes and¬†oases you can find them at your disposal just 70km south of the city.

Few people know about Berkane City Secrets, but if you up to adventures remember that the key to forever remembered memories is at your reach if and only if you visit Berkane City.