Miley Cyrus: Fooling Everyone & Earning Millions of Dollars


Ifrane – Gore, disgusting, raunchy and inappropriate are only few of the words used today to describe who was once called the princess of disney, Miley Cyrus.

Miley went, some might say step by step, other say out of nowhere in becoming a sex-reliant, sex-selling singer with a rock’nd roll style in the way she dresses, the way she sings and even the way she talks and behaves. It could be closer to an animal locked for so long under layers of falseness and suddenly having the full and utmost liberty to do whatever, buy whatever and sing whatever she wants. Realizing she is no longer bound either by law or parents to be that sweet little girl called Hannah Montana. But, Miley may have just won the odds in making it to the other side, that is the adults world. A step many child stars find very hard and very challenging to do, Lindsay Lohan and most recently Amanda Bynes suffered and are suffering from problems in dealing with stardom, fame, stress and the fear, the fear of losing it all or the fear that they will not find a project that will push they’re careers further up. Miley’s latest two videos went well beyond 600 Million views making her latest look-changing more profitable for her and her brand since, well, since her peak back in 2008-2009. Soures confirm to TIWA that Cyrus is now earning as much as $80 Million a year from endorsements alone!! guess all that jumping and twerking is paying off nicely 😉

Miley has succeeded in guaranteeing that her name will never, always, be attached to her Hannah Montana era and although people are sometimes, or most of the times, left with a feeling of disgust, I advice hem to forget the old Miley Cyrus and focus on the new one as a new, emerging artist with a new, different and probably controversial style.

Prince Michael Jackson Gets an expensive Ticket!

ParisPrinceJackson (1)

Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson’s eldest son was pulled over by police in Calabasas for speeding.

TMZ reports today that Michael Jackson’s eldest son was nabbed by cops near his family’s Calabasas mansion for going around 40 mph in a 25 zone. Prince was fined a cool $250 which might seems a lot for most people, it sure is nothing for prince who is reportedly worth over $1 Billion along with his two siblings. Prince will also gets $33 Million from a separate trust fund when he turns 18. cha-ching

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MICHAEL JACKSON: He would’ve Made $1.5 Billion


Saidia – And the saga of Michael Jackson’s finances continue as his trial drags on between AEG live and The Jackson family who is asking for as much as $40 Billion. 

Accounting specialist Arthur Erk testified that MJ would have earned minimum $1.1 billion and maximum of $1.5 Billion if he performed a worldwide concert and showcased his music in Las Vegas which reports back in late 2008 and 2009 predicted will be MJ’s best hope to pay as much as $400 Million in debts and guarantee over $1 Billion in profits.

However, TMZ reports that Erk said he deducted what he felt Jackson would have spent between age 50 and age 65, when he hypothetically would have retired — $134 million.

Miley Cyrus’s Image change not pleasing fans?

Saidia – Many of us got used to Miley Cyrus as that sweet little kid who we grow up watching on Disney’s Hannah Montana. For me personally, Miley was the person I wanted to be (male version) but it seems that Miley didn’t like staying young forever (RIP Michael Jackson).

Cyrus started her “image change campaign” from as early as 2010 when her album “Can’t be Tamed” which surprised Miley’s 12 year old fans who found no resemblance to their idol and while it was a financial success, the album got few thumps up even from Miley’s grownup fans (such as myself). It is logical that Miley is changing her bubbly image as she grows up for many reasons and one maybe that her diehard fans also grew up with her (again such as myself)  but it is sad that today’s young children see Miley as Hannah Montana in the reruns and when going to the net see a rocker who is trying to put herself with the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and such.

I feel sorry that Miley isn’t that same little girl who used to drive her little white bicycle with a puppy put in the basket! but life goes on…

Michael Jackson: King Of Pop’s Fortune Ballooned to a net $1.12 Billion


Michael Jackson’s three children Prince,Paris and Blanket are in to enjoy the same or even more luxurious lifestyle as their father’s finances gain more momentum.

According to sources, The Michael Jackson Estate has earned between April 2012 and April 2013 over $150 Million which was used mostly to payoff the remainder of Jackson’s $500 Million debt. This brings Michael Jackson’s fortune back to over $1 Billion mainly from his 50% stake in Sony/ATV, The Michael Jackson Company, MiJack and other assets including the Jackson family compound in Encino, California.

The Jacksons are in the process of a trial against concert promoter AEG which the family accuses of negligence leading the family along with Michael’s three children to file a $40 Billion lawsuit against the company (not million, it’s billion) and in the case they won, the family will be earning tens of Millions of dollars but presumably not $40 Billion.

Justin Bieber: A Michael Jackson Wannabe Showoff


I can honestly say that me out off all my friends actually liked the Bieber and supported him from the very first beginning and I saw his fame rose to unprecedented levels, with hit singles reaching the N°1 spot around the globe.

His success glimmered hope for the young and deprived generation all around the world that anyone can make it even in modern times. Unfortunately, Justin Bieber started slipping slowly towards the fascinating and addicting world of Hollywood as his style, hairstyle and songs changed completely from the innocent image it once had. From having many girlfriends, to dating the IT girl Selena Gomez who I can say clearly that she used him to get what she wants “MORE FAME”. Justin started looking at himself as if he was the next Michael Jackson copying his style and type of songs (Chris Brown too by the way). The Bieber is making such an effort to ignite controversy around him that he might be the first one to be hurt by the storm of mistakes he’s making. From stiffing young fans to sniffing god knows what and from spending millions of dollars on cars to hanging out with the wrong crowd This might be his own little way to show the world that he is a tough guy and that he is no longer that girly-voice nice guy who the world once fell in love with (by the world I mean teenage girls).

The vast majority of MJ’s song reached the top 10 and a great amount of them reached the N°1 spot and Michael was never 3 hours late from a concert, ever. Bieber should stop trying to link himself to a Legend and start focusing on polishing his own name so that he, lets be optimistic, becomes a legend for the achievements he made