Former president Hosni Mubarak: Egypt’s only hope for stability?

Saidia – With the fall of a democratically elected president in Egypt Dr. Mohammed Morsi,many in and outside of Egypt are wondering if Mubarak was Egypt’s only hope for stability.

We don’t think so because even though Egypt was in a better shape during the rule of Mubarak especially in the foreign politic department it should be also noted that officials in Mubarak’s regime also ate their way through Egypt’s fortune, stealing Billions and causing major financial problems for Egypt.

Under Mubarak’s rule, Egypt’s dept rose to unprecedented records (until Morsi arrived) and corruption spread on different levels in all sorts of state department and no need to mention the degree of unemployment, poverty and illiteracy and that big fancy and wide spread three words “state of emergency”.

All this is bad but Egyptians enjoyed a stable life secured by strong security forces, intelligence and the much respected Armed forces. The question that should be asked is whether stability is better than freedom of expression…something Egypt’s Mubarak failed to give his people, among other necessities of a descent life.