Lindsay Lohan: I Love You, But You’re GOING BROKE!


Lindsay Lohan has been one of my very few idols (this word is hated in my country of Origin Morocco and Islamic world hhh) for years now and I’ve been following her life since I can remember. 

I still have so much faith in her and I can’t wait when I see her back on top where she needs to be but besides her “bad” behavior which we all know, Lindsay should in my very humble opinion take good care of her finances as she is still able to pull in serious cash from basically doing nothing but partying. BE IN CONTROL of your bank accounts, watch your spending  BUY A HOUSE, OWN SOMETHING and stop renting expensive mansions in L.A. and BUY an affordable mansion or a house in another state! NO one will be there for you because everyone want to see you fail the same way many want to see me fail and the only way to rub it in their faces is to take charge of your life and BE RESPONSIBLE and in no way do I mean that you’re not a responsible person because I believe you just put yourself in “undesirable” situations.

From a fan in Morocco, be confidant that you still have a strong fan base supporting and cheering for your success and no matter what happens we will always be here to support you and the Anger Management ratings proof you still have Hollywood’s power!