Lindsay Lohan

Ifrane – Lindsay Lohan is stepping in (AGAIN) to save her childhood mansion from going into foreclosure and this time, Lilo is BUYING THE HOUSE from mother Dina Lohan.

TIWA has learned that Lindsay Lohan is working with her financial team to provide sufficient funds to buy her childhood mansion from Mother Dina for an estimated $1.1 Million which will enable Dina to save the house and have much-needed cash. Although TIWA can’t independently verify the claims, Lindsay is said to have earned an estimated $4 Million as of this writing in 2013.

Lindsay, who had her fair chair of financial troubles, was paid $2 Million by Oprah to do a docu-series for Lady O’s OWN channel. Lohan will probably be using what is left from that $2 Million paycheck to buy the house.

Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Third Album … Confirmed!

Premiere Of Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" - Arrivals

Saidia – Its been confirmed by Lindsay Lohan to Brazilian show that she is “working” on her third and much talked about album.

The starlet revealed that the album will be released soon and sources tell “This Is Wafi Abdouss” that the LaLohan is actually writing many songs while in rehab. Lilo is also very happy about the material, the subjects, the words and can’t wait to release its OFFICIAL single. Lindsay is believed to have been in negotiations with Universal Motown to extend her contract for $5 Million.

Lindsay, although being famous as an actress, enjoyed a very successful singing career as her two previous albums “Speak” and “A Little More Personal” selling over 3 Million copies combined. Keep in mind that Lohan refused to tour or advertise the albums citing “she wasn’t paid to do so”.

Oprah Winfrey to Pay Lindsay Lohan $2 Million for post-rehab projects

2012 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Arrivals

Saidia – Lindsay Lohan may have just scored one of her biggest gigs this year after signing a contract with Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Channel to sit with the queen of talk shows in an exclusive post-rehab interview along with an 8 episode reality show.

According to sources very close to the troubled starlet, Lindsay will be paid $1 Million for her post rehab sit down with Lady O and an additional $1 Million for an 8 episode documentary-style reality show that will follow the actress/singer as she works to rebuild her career and stay healthy.

Lindsay Lohan, who is serving a 90-day court-ordered stay in rehab, is committed according to sources (the actress included and her mother) to rebuild her career the right way, fix any financial issues and stay healthy. Seemingly enough, Lilo paid her lawyer $150,000 for her troubles.

Lindsay Lohan Countdown: 20 Days to Freedom

Saidia – Exactly 18 days from now, Lindsay Lohan will be a free woman as she is due to leave rehab on August 2nd 2013.

Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in rehab and once finishing her Rehab stay, she is required to finish 30 days of community labor, 18 months of psychological therapy and pay an unspecified fine and restitution. On the bright side, the official trailer of Lindsay’s movie “The Canyon’s” just came out to great reviews from the audience and more specifically, YouTubers.

We are wishing, since 2007, to see Lindsay back where she belongs … to the top of the Hollywood ladder doing what she does best: ACT and SING.

This is why Lindsay Lohan is A Modern-Day Marilyn Monroe


Saidia – Paul Schrader, the veteran Hollywood director (most famous for Taxi driver) came out today describing actress Lindsay Lohan as a modern-day version of Marilyn Monroe and we TOTALLY AGREE!

You might be wondering what can drive the director of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming movie “the Canyons” to describe Lindsay of such esteem yet troubling title, right? For starters, Lindsay vigorously stated on different occasions how fond she is of Marilyn Monroe and everything about the Hollywood icon. LILO has been keen to “copy” some of Marilyn’s characteristics such as the “Kiss Blowing, Hair, scandals, and more recently her face”. Lohan is rumored to have undergone several procedures to look more like Monroe, and we can’t deny the difference between how Lohan used to look like before 2011 and today.

Besides Lohan and Monroe’s similar personal lives, Lindsay’s film career is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated careers as her movies have grossed nearly $1  Billion according to Lifetime. From her scandalous life to her spotlighted acting/singing career, Lindsay Lohan is the closest thing to Marilyn Monroe in our time.

Lindsay Lohan spends B-Day at Rehab but Continues earning Money


Berkane – The redhead actress/singer spent her 27th birthday in rehab and was denied going out or receiving guests (besides her lawyer) however, her night wasn’t that bad after all because she was allowed some time on the internet and she got to send some tweets to her fans by herself.

Lindsay will be a “free” woman on August 1st 2013 and according to reports she is planning to get away from the limelights and spotlights of Hollywood as she plans to hide away in an undisclosed location Maybe that will inspire Lilo to write a book, think about resurrecting a SUCCESSFUL career or write songs for her next album. Lilo previously stated in an interview while in Brazil that she is working on a new album and said “Its gonna be really good”.

Continuing on the bright side of Lohan’s life, sources tell us that the actress isn’t really in a bad financial state as of today because according to these sources who claimed to be close friends, Lindsay earns over $20000 from her clothing line and can ask for as much as $50000 for a major appearance. Lindsay is also rumored to be close to signing a record deal worth over $5 Million according to the same sources.

When asked about Lindsay’s rehab payments the sources confirmed that Lindsay is paying her own bills with money she earned from her Brasil appearances, future appearances and endorsement deals she made just before she went to rehab adding that Lohan secured herself with over $1 Million worth of endorsements.

I hope Lilo continues in this positive path and we wish her only the best and quick recovery from her current state.

Lindsay Lohan: Paid $55000 to check into Betty Ford

lohan (1)

Lindsay Lohan is rumored according to one of our sources to have been “paid” by Betty Ford $55000 to check into the A-list rehab facility in L.A.

Lohan refused to check into the Seafield Center which didn’t happen as she decided to ditch it for another rehab called “Morningside” because Seafield refused to allow her to smoke only to find out that Morningside is not actually a “Rehab” but a sort of “sober house”. In the process of this madness Lohan rehired her longtime lawyer Shawn Holley who helped her in the past avoid Jail-time and once again may have rescued the starlet from being thrown back to jail as a deal might be in the works.

In the meantime, Lindsay is staying at Betty Ford and this time she is being paid! According to our sources, LiLo is paid $55000 for the 90–Days stay which far higher than the cash-strapped Morningside who offered to pay $30000 but failed to pay. So far in 2013, Lindsay earned:

* $100000 from the new year bash in London

* $100000 from Charlie sheen + a reported $15000 to guest star in his show

* $115000 from her Brazil trip

* $65000 from appearances (reportedly)

* Thousands more from movies, royalties and others..

Total (so far): Nearly $400000 in 4 months ($100000 per month for doing nothing)