Morocco’s “Rebel Movement”: Lacking public support?


Saidia – Following the success of Egypt’s Rebel Movement in toppling President’s Morsi from power, movements bearing the same name spread swiftly in other Arab countries with Islamist governments, including Morocco.

So how much support does enjoy in Morocco? We tried to find out through searching for any page, group or even website named after this movement, but besides being mentioned by Moroccan news websites, we failed to see any strong support for this “movement” besides 220 likes in what looks like their official Facebook page. What struck us the most is how the epidemic of “copying and pasting” is spread in our Arab culture, alongside what should be called “cancer” of the Arab nation ….. enlarging small news stories.

As both Libyan, Tunisian, Syrian, Yemeni and Egyptian subjects are getting boring, news outlets throughout the Arab world are trying to search for new “subjects” to highlight and gain more views –>more money.

With 42 people killed, will Egyptian interim president resign?


Saidia – The treats made by the Muslim Brotherhood about destabilizing the country may have been true as violence in Egypt seems to be escalating towards an Iraq-like scenario.

Over 42 people were killed in clashes near the headquarters of the republican guard between pro-Morsi demonstrators and the Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that the army stationed in the perimeter of the republican guard HQ. With the Muslim Brotherhood seeming as strong and staunch as ever many are wondering what will happen next in the land of the pharaohs. Many parties came out with statements calling what happened a massacre against the Egyptian people and while anti-Morsi parties, political figures and news channels denounced what happened they stopped short from accusing the army of committing anything wrong while on the other hand pro-Morsi and neutral political parties called the Egyptian interim president to resign as a response to what they called a massacre. And as violence continues to spread from a city to the other, the US seems to be unable to support one part over the other as president Obama’s administration continues to send mixed signals about its stance on what happened is happening in Egypt while the vast majority of Arab countries (mainly gulf states including Qatar) publically welcomed the change in Egypt.

The violence in Egypt even caused a rift between Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera which were for the past 2 years strongly supportive of each others news reporting which might explain how delicate the situation is in Egypt.

President Assad: The fall of Morsi’s regime wasn’t a surprise for us!


Berkane – Syrian president Bashar Al Assad announced today that his government predicted the fall of “Political Islam” sooner or later says the embattled syrian president.

Assad, who is facing a 2 year-old civil war against an ill-armed and foreign-supported rebels, seemed to be gloating adding that Morsi’s regime falling down didn’t come as a surprise. I think Assad is definitely gloating seeing that Morsi was just a couple of weeks ago announcing the end of all relations between Damascus and Cairo.

All this comes as Assad’s forces seem to gain the upper hand in the conflict after making strategic gains for the past few weeks.

by Wafi Abdouss