Lindsay Lohan

Ifrane – Lindsay Lohan is stepping in (AGAIN) to save her childhood mansion from going into foreclosure and this time, Lilo is BUYING THE HOUSE from mother Dina Lohan.

TIWA has learned that Lindsay Lohan is working with her financial team to provide sufficient funds to buy her childhood mansion from Mother Dina for an estimated $1.1 Million which will enable Dina to save the house and have much-needed cash. Although TIWA can’t independently verify the claims, Lindsay is said to have earned an estimated $4 Million as of this writing in 2013.

Lindsay, who had her fair chair of financial troubles, was paid $2 Million by Oprah to do a docu-series for Lady O’s OWN channel. Lohan will probably be using what is left from that $2 Million paycheck to buy the house.

Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Third Album … Confirmed!

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Saidia – Its been confirmed by Lindsay Lohan to Brazilian show that she is “working” on her third and much talked about album.

The starlet revealed that the album will be released soon and sources tell “This Is Wafi Abdouss” that the LaLohan is actually writing many songs while in rehab. Lilo is also very happy about the material, the subjects, the words and can’t wait to release its OFFICIAL single. Lindsay is believed to have been in negotiations with Universal Motown to extend her contract for $5 Million.

Lindsay, although being famous as an actress, enjoyed a very successful singing career as her two previous albums “Speak” and “A Little More Personal” selling over 3 Million copies combined. Keep in mind that Lohan refused to tour or advertise the albums citing “she wasn’t paid to do so”.

FREE WILLY: The 20th Anniversary of A Masterpiece


Saidia – Today is a huge day in cinematic history because today is the 20th anniversary of one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest masterpieces: “Free Willy.”

No one can forget the day when they watched Free Willy because the movie, although being 2 decades old, is made in a way that defies time. The movie was one of 1993’s biggest earning movies racking in over $150 Million on a $20 Million budget and surely, beyond its financial success, one can only remember the sweetness and heartfelt emotions coming from the movie and moving viewers no matter their age or character.

Visit TMZ to see the Movie’s stars then and now!

Oprah Winfrey to Pay Lindsay Lohan $2 Million for post-rehab projects

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Saidia – Lindsay Lohan may have just scored one of her biggest gigs this year after signing a contract with Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Channel to sit with the queen of talk shows in an exclusive post-rehab interview along with an 8 episode reality show.

According to sources very close to the troubled starlet, Lindsay will be paid $1 Million for her post rehab sit down with Lady O and an additional $1 Million for an 8 episode documentary-style reality show that will follow the actress/singer as she works to rebuild her career and stay healthy.

Lindsay Lohan, who is serving a 90-day court-ordered stay in rehab, is committed according to sources (the actress included and her mother) to rebuild her career the right way, fix any financial issues and stay healthy. Seemingly enough, Lilo paid her lawyer $150,000 for her troubles.

Lindsay Lohan Countdown: 20 Days to Freedom

Saidia – Exactly 18 days from now, Lindsay Lohan will be a free woman as she is due to leave rehab on August 2nd 2013.

Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in rehab and once finishing her Rehab stay, she is required to finish 30 days of community labor, 18 months of psychological therapy and pay an unspecified fine and restitution. On the bright side, the official trailer of Lindsay’s movie “The Canyon’s” just came out to great reviews from the audience and more specifically, YouTubers.

We are wishing, since 2007, to see Lindsay back where she belongs … to the top of the Hollywood ladder doing what she does best: ACT and SING.

The Vampire Diaries hottie Zach Roerig has a DAUGHTER!

Saidia – Entertainment websites report today that The Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig is asking the judge for sole custody of his daughter….wait, what? Zach has a kid?

Yes indeed, the VD hottie came out today as the newest member of Hollywood’s DILF society alongside the likes of Ryan Philppe and David Beckham. Roerig who used to date fellow VD co-star Candice Accola before their last year’s split is asking the judge for sole custody of his 2 year-old daughter after her mother was sentenced to federal prison and thats not everything! The actor is asking for child support from his baby mama! seriously?! The last thing we know about VD stars is their big fat salaries and although Zach isn’t a “PRINCIPAL” actor, he is part of the main cast meaning he is earning at the very least $15000 per episode (AT LEAST) which translate to an income of $260,000 for the 4th season of VD (he appeared in 17 episodes).

Don’t know about you but we were surprised to find out about Zach’s new daddy title! weren’t you?



I’ll make this short, Justin Bieber’s fame is fading just as fast as it rose! PSY just released his latest video and it has reached nearly 35 Million views! Bieber’s All Around The World song reached only a mere 3.5 Million (about 10% of PSY’s song).

Although Bieber’s song is much better and more meaningful, its just LAME to hear the same still over and over! PSY will also face the same faith once his style gets old! INNOVATION Needed my friends hahahah Bieber You’re Dead.

Justin Bieber: A Michael Jackson Wannabe Showoff


I can honestly say that me out off all my friends actually liked the Bieber and supported him from the very first beginning and I saw his fame rose to unprecedented levels, with hit singles reaching the N°1 spot around the globe.

His success glimmered hope for the young and deprived generation all around the world that anyone can make it even in modern times. Unfortunately, Justin Bieber started slipping slowly towards the fascinating and addicting world of Hollywood as his style, hairstyle and songs changed completely from the innocent image it once had. From having many girlfriends, to dating the IT girl Selena Gomez who I can say clearly that she used him to get what she wants “MORE FAME”. Justin started looking at himself as if he was the next Michael Jackson copying his style and type of songs (Chris Brown too by the way). The Bieber is making such an effort to ignite controversy around him that he might be the first one to be hurt by the storm of mistakes he’s making. From stiffing young fans to sniffing god knows what and from spending millions of dollars on cars to hanging out with the wrong crowd This might be his own little way to show the world that he is a tough guy and that he is no longer that girly-voice nice guy who the world once fell in love with (by the world I mean teenage girls).

The vast majority of MJ’s song reached the top 10 and a great amount of them reached the N°1 spot and Michael was never 3 hours late from a concert, ever. Bieber should stop trying to link himself to a Legend and start focusing on polishing his own name so that he, lets be optimistic, becomes a legend for the achievements he made