Harry Styles rumored to be suffering from Eating disorder & Asthma


Ifrane – One Direction’s hunk Harry Styles is known for his soft voice, flamboyant style & tattoos, dating older women (Taylor Swift included) and now, TIWA can report that Styles may be suffering from Asthma.

Sources tell TIWA that Styles not only suffers from a severe eating disorder, but the One D star is also fighting Asthma. TIWA could not independently verify the claims, ybut the source continue that Styles has been trying to hide his anorexia-like symptoms and Asthma attacks from fans since he was skyrocketed to fame by the X Factor.


Fighting off Intrusive Thoughts: Part 1


Saidia – Today I debut my first article about something I’ve been suffering from for the past 2 months… Intrusive Thoughts and a low-level Anxiety Disorder.

Since June 23rd ‘I’ve been plagued with continuous and disturbing thoughts, really disturbing and sickening thoughts, thoughts I can’t tell you at this moment but I urge you to keep your imaginations  as wide as the moon. It all started when I was told that I speak during my sleep and just like everyone else, at first I ignored it, but one night, in late June, the subject found its way back to the peak of my mind from the depths of the darkness laying deep down in my mind. I started telling myself while watching yet another disturbing TV series that I might say something similar to all the bad things said in the series by its characters, or do something they’re doing, and then my mind just went into a storm of questions….endless questions about all sorts of wrong things I can say or do, I asked all the questions, all the wrong questions and all the bad thoughts came into the front and center of my head.

At the end, I found myself with one question: How could I, an open-minded, Muslim, loving, straightforward, HUMAN think of such things? how could I? and then questions took another turn … Am I going to do some of these imaginations? Am I going to act upon these delusions? Am I sick? Whats wrong with me? When I went to sleep, the fear of saying something while sleeping kept me awake, I just couldn’t close my eyes, I was too afraid to dwindle and give in to my tiredness and sleepy eyes. The anxiety ate me like a tiger viciously and vulgarly eating his pray, the pray dies fast but the tiger eats slowly and enjoys his pray’s meet. The same thing was happening to me, anxiety came to me fast and started eating me slowly, seeping through my soul and my heart, taring down everything beautiful about my imagination. Soon, I was alone with my dark side, my raw evil dark side and it got to the point where I though I wasn’t my self anymore or I was talking to someone else inside of me. Afraid of losing my mind, I got out of bed and went to the balcony. The early morning breeze mixed with my wanted desire of sleeping mixed together creating a highway for me leading to a forced, yet needed sleep. And so, I had no choice but to give in, I had no choice but to sleep and so I did and what happened next was shocking even to the devil himself.

This is the first time I open up about my Intrusive Thought Disorder, and after going through it for 2 months, after long nights of anxiety and hour-long searches on the internet to explore it…I decided it was time to tell my story with Intrusive Thought Disorder, but more importantly how to Fight off this vicious cycle of events.

Amanda Bynes: The New American Obsession


Saidia – We answer the question everyone’s been asking …. Is Amanda Bynes becoming the new American obsession.

How many times have we seen the name “Amanda Bynes” popping on elite gossip websites and TV programs such the Insider, TMZ, ET and more? Before 2012, Amanda was an “on the side” subject as the media gave more space to Lindsay Lohan, Britney and such. However, with LILO seemingly getting well, Britney releasing one hit after the other and others either dead or staying off the radar…Amanda’s supposed meltdown has become a juicy subject for the media.

Amanda, most notably known for movies such as “She’s the Man” and TV shows such as “The Amanda Show”, has been posting what media outlets called bizarre tweets, photos and videos for the past year or so but the media really started publishing Amanda-related news when the starlet’s actions took a risky road that included shaving her head, burning a driveway of a home, involving in 2 hit-and-run cases and spending $1.5 Million of her money.

So is Amanda Bynes becoming the new obsession of America, is she taking the spotlights of the paparazzi away from Lindsay Lohan? Or is this just an act from Amanda who retweeted one of her followers who tweeted “@AmandaBynes All publicity is good publicity”?

Exclusive: Amanda Bynes TO BE RELEASED


Saidia – Perez Hilton reports that Actress Amanda Bynes requested to be released ASAP from her psychiatric hospital as er parents faced a defeat in their quest to take charge of Amanda’s $8 Million estate.

However, sources connected with the case report that Amanda’s lawyers are very hopeful that the judge will grant Amanda release from her hospital. When asked about how they will persuade the judge to sign her release cheat, sources said “Its classified”. On a related note, Amanda’s parents failed to push a judge to grant them temporary conservatorship to control both her personal and financial well being.

We wish all the best for Amanda Bynes who is, by far, one of Disney and Hollywood’s most talented and funny actresses of all times.

Randy Travis’s Heart Issues NOT related to Drugs – He’s awake and responding


Saidia – Finally we’ve learned that Randy Travis’ heart issues which caused his sudden hospitalization a week ago.

Doctors at the Texas hospital where Randy is getting treatment said, according to TMZ, that drugs have nothing to do with the singer’s health issues and it’s more likely that a family history of cardiomyopathy is to blame for his ongoing heart trouble. On the bright side, news websites just broke the story (as we were writing) that Randy is now awake and responding.

We are all wishing Travis a quick recovery and soon we will see him InchAllah doing what he does best: Singing on stage.

6 People Lose Their Jobs Because of Kim Kardashian


TMZ Reports today that Kim Kardashian had her records “improperly accessed” by employees of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who were subsequently fired for doing so.

The infamous website states that A report in the LA Times today said that six people were fired for privacy breaches involving the medical records of 14 patients from June 18-24. KK delivered her daughter on June 15 and checked out about a week later.

TMZ has learned that Kim was contacted by the hospital to let her know she was one of the patients who had her records accessed. Poor Kimi! she can’t get a break even when delivering her first born! But I can’t remember all this fuss around her older sister kourtney when she gave birth to her older son! do you?