Muammar Gaddafi’s Compound To be Transformed into Public Park


Tripoli – Libyan tourism minister Ikram Abdel Salam announced that Libyan authorities will be transforming Gaddafi’s 6 square kilometer compound into a public park.

Following the fall of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, much of the family-owned homes and assets were seized and raided by joyful crowds celebrating the fall of who they like to describe as “Crazy, madman dictator” and his regime. But the most important Gaddafi asset is by far the family’s compound in the center of Tripoli. The 6 square kilometer compound included lavish residences for Gaddafi’s family and key officials, swimming pools, lush gardens and surely Gaddafi’s tents. Since the fall of Tripoli back on August 2011, much of the compound was destroyed by angry crowds, armed groups and NATO which bombed the compound on different occasions with August 22nd being the last time.

Plans by the Libyan government to transform Bab Al Azizia into a public park was highly welcomed by Libyans who expressed utter joy to hear that the place they once feared to even look at, is now turning into a place where Libyan families can enjoy each others company in a 6 square kilometer park. The minister also stated that the overall image of the park will be noticeable about 2 months from now.


Gaddafi – The Last Will Of Libya’s Leader (Arabic)

There is no denying that Gaddafi ruled Libya with an iron fist but even with all of his negative side, I see that what happened in Libya wasn’t a revolution — It was an attack by NATO-backed rebels.

Gaddafi provided the best he can for his people, he changed Libya from one of the poorest in the world to Africa’s best and most developed country (Factbook). Libya is now swimming in chaos and inner-fighting with no army, no security and nearly a Somalia-like situation that is deteriorating by the minute. Gaddafi was the last of the Arabs defiant leaders, he was a dictator but haven’t you asked a question: Does democracy work in every country? or better, can a US-like democracy work in a country where democracy is not understood and not respected? Before imposing democracy there should be a certain amount of evolution among the people, among the arabs.

I can’t say I hated Gaddafi, I actually supported him against the rag-tag rebels who had no legitimacy whatsoever and in my believe, A Foreign-backed rebellion is NOT a revolution.