Al Shak Series: One of Ramadan’s Best

Saidia – Al Shak (مسلسل الشك) is becoming with each passing day a crowd pleaser, proving to be a straight hit and one hell of a comeback for Syrian actress Raghda.

The series talks about a typical middle class Egyptian family dealing with daily-life issues yet staying strong and facing each problem as one body, however this body soon catches a cancer that divides them and weakens them and turns each one of them against the other one. When lawyer comes knocking their door telling the family that a man left over $70 Million to the family’s matriarch “Samya” and her daughter “Wassila”. Everyone was surprised to know that the man left the money to his supposed ex-lover and daughter. Doubt soon spread in the house driving the Father to conduct a DNA test to prove if he is the father or not and surprisingly enough, he finds out that Wassila isn’t his biological daughter sending him into a rage and subsequently evicting his wife from the house. His wife stands harshly behind her innocence while her daughter seems to enter into an atmosphere of shock driving her to accept the money and is shown blowing her recently acquired cash on designer handbags, shoes, clothes and such.

According to the promos, Wassila will turn against everyone (her husband included) making this series one of Ramadan’s most thrilling by a long shot.

A Picnicking Day: Going Out With Mehdi & Ismael


Finally, after along time since we last went out together, we are finally getting together for a much needed rest in the woods!

This is the first time me, Ismael and Mehdi decide to have a day in the woods as I remember since the day we met we only went to restaurants, cafés and hotels! This would be interesting seeing the it is my first picnicking fiasco since ….. A LONG LONG Time! boy oh boy, can I be any more excited. We’re gonna buy food from our university’s restaurants, wear comfy clothes and walk to a beautiful area in the atlas mountains! I seem to be unable to recall the name of this alluring area but fear none, I’ll tell you when I comeback!

Its 11:34 and only 2 hours and a half separates me from going and so I’d better watch DALLAS, and get ready afterwords!

The Amazing Enardam – Episode 1 (Childhood)


Enardam was born as the fifth child in 1968 to a family that can simply described as rooted and traditional. Since the smoothness her nails Enardam shined and took the spotlight from the rest of the family members especially her three older sisters and her big brother Fatime. 

At the age of 7, Enardam enrolled to school where although being from a poor family struggling to keep food on the table was able to create a place for herself within the group of the school’s brightest and intelligent young students with unrepresented achievements and high goals that no one in her up and coming class could even imagine in his/her wildest dreams. Enardam was able to keep getting absolute admiration from her teachers and friends who called her “Brightness”. However, as she continued to shine in her academic life little Enardam’s personal life was so turbulent that it would be just perfect as a big Hollywood movie. 

In the narrow streets of a forgotten small city in Morocco’s Rif region lies the family home where Enardam along with her 4 older siblings and her newly born sister of 10 days live. The year was 1977 and Enardam was happy to finally be a big sister however her happiness was short lived and with their loving father gone for Germany to work in order to provide more money for his children, Enardam was left surrounded with her abusive siblings, short-tempered mother and screaming grandmother who couldn’t get any farther from being a loving granny. As her buffer zone father gone from the picture, Enardam’s life took a turn towards the worst and from being forced to clean and cook to taking care of her younger sister as her mother finds no time at her disposal to care for her baby as most of her time is spent taking care of her husband’s mother own demands and hurtful words that were cutting her more than a thousand knife could.

By 1980, Enardam’s father Mourad returned from Germany with good news. The family is moving to a better, bigger and more beautiful house in a middle class area of the city. Being a middle class family was a big thing back then especially in the small agricultural city of Enakreeb where only one or two family had enough money to be considered rich. The same year, Enardam’s happiness seemed to be taking off with the arrival of her second younger sister Shoura whose name is derived from the Islamic tradition of (Al Shoura*). Moved away from her grandmother’s house the family of 9 moved to a big house where each two siblings slept in one room except Enardam who seemed to have been left with a corner in the sitting room. Her stuff isolated in a small corner behind the recently acquired second-hand (Salon*).

At the age of 12, Enardam has survived the tyranny of her mother, siblings cruelty and grandmothers unbearable screaming and demands. Could her life…….now that she is getting close to her teen years change to the better? Or will she stays buried under her family’s authoritarian rule?