Maroc Telecom 3G: From Bad To Worse!


Saidia – Maroc Telecom fancy itself as the leading communication company in Morocco and has been keen to sustain those claims with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns showcasing how family-friendly and affordable it is.

No one can deny that the ads are very impressing, especially the ones with A-list celebs dancing around and smiling with the company’s logo everywhere –> after all they’re paid to do so, but Moroccans with limited sources, unable to pay nearly 400 Dhs a month to acquire a faster internet connection, find themselves with the option of 100 Dh/month 3G connection and they would be lucky if the internet actually works let alone fast enough to watch videos.

The depressing reality is the fact that Maroc Telecom is yet to add a 4G connection while many Arab communication companies intiated it years ago! And the image gets even bleaker as the current 3G connection used to be faster just one year ago say Facebook-based young Moroccans who are outraged by what they called “lies and fabrications” made up by Maroc Telecom.

But to be honest enough, Maroc Telecom isn’t the only one with this problem as both Inwi and Meditel face the same problems along with the same absence of a near solution.

Morocco’s “Rebel Movement”: Lacking public support?


Saidia – Following the success of Egypt’s Rebel Movement in toppling President’s Morsi from power, movements bearing the same name spread swiftly in other Arab countries with Islamist governments, including Morocco.

So how much support does enjoy in Morocco? We tried to find out through searching for any page, group or even website named after this movement, but besides being mentioned by Moroccan news websites, we failed to see any strong support for this “movement” besides 220 likes in what looks like their official Facebook page. What struck us the most is how the epidemic of “copying and pasting” is spread in our Arab culture, alongside what should be called “cancer” of the Arab nation ….. enlarging small news stories.

As both Libyan, Tunisian, Syrian, Yemeni and Egyptian subjects are getting boring, news outlets throughout the Arab world are trying to search for new “subjects” to highlight and gain more views –>more money.


Ellie Goulding’s Burn Is My Official Summer Anthem!

Saidia – So I’ve been uploading songs since may, just hoping to find a song that I can call my “Summer Anthem” but with no luck.

However, just yesterday, A Good friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall a link to Ellie’s song and I was like “Damn, this song is AMAZING”. and finally I’ve found the song of summer 2013. Its really sad that Ellie is underrated by the music industry and is often accused of using auto-tune by critics and music analysts, but I personally don’t care as long as the song is good….something people forget.

Ellie, you’re amazing and the industry will find itself sooner or later forced to recognize you.

The Most Amazing City: DUBAI


Saidia – Dubai, stop and focus on this word. Dubai is an Arab city in the heartland of one of the world’s most positively driven people with great sense of hospitality.

Most of my fellow Arabs on the other hand, like to call people from the Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (golf countries) all sorts of negative and envious words, I was surprised to meet a Dubai-native through Facebook whose niceness and open-mind made me go on a journey through the web to see what the Emirates is all about and for you guys, I think its wise to do the same before labeling anyone but reading this article won’t be for vain because during my “journey” I picked the most amazing photos on the web and you get to see them in one place…. only on “This Is Wafi Abdouss” (sounds like a TV ad I know).











Akhawayn’s Rising Talent: From Thrift Shop to Weld Al Akhawayn

Adel Abaab is a university student who I first came to know when I joined Akhawayn’s Drama Club in early 2012 (my first semester).

Since I withdrew from the club after some confrontations between the club’s members my relationship with him subsequently ended with absolutely no prospects of friendship (mutual I guess)

Last summer, Akhawayn Gossip Boy was created and Abaab was one of the first and most “blasted” students on the Facebook-based group. I don’t know how it got out, but a rumor stating that I was behind it started to spread and soon enough I found myself in a heated battle with Adel. Little did he or other accusers know that I only served as an admin for a small period of time and was about to leave the group.

Since then, we’ve never had any face-to-face confrontations but rather a raging war on the internet but today, I’ve decided to say the truth, to congratulates Abaab on his marvelous achievements and to showcase my deepest and sincerest best wishes for him to continue in this path. For me, and possibly to many others, Adel Abaab deserves to pursue a career in show-business as from the looks of it he is always not short of ideas and funny projects.

He is a great actor, a seemingly joyful person and a great impersonator and he sure in hell deserves to be on Mawazine as a friend of mine said to me.