Rookie Blue: I want to be a police officer again


Ifrane – Its becoming obvious to me, with each passing day, that Rookie Blue revived the Canadian series world. Well-written, energized, great cliff-hangers and amazing actors.

I’ve never imagined myself as one of those addicted series fanatics, but here I am. Being an avid-series follower means knowing, with time, what to watch and what to skip from the very first episode and I can’t say the same thing about Rookie blue, because from the first time I watched that pilot, I was hooked and couldn’t let it go. The series drives the audience through a journey of a child wanting to become a superhero. Now, aged 21, I want to be a cop again, off course I can’t because cops in Morocco are not paid well, have really bad costumes and worse reputation. But lets avoid sparking any controversies or issues with our police department 🙂

The important thing this article is trying to tell you, is go and watch this series now on ABC or watch it via a website such as Watch Series. I hope you do 😉