Diary #2: Moving Out, Moving In! Just got my own single room but with a catch!


Just a couple of days ago, I was hoping to get a single room! Boom I stroke a deal with the housing office to leave my room (my roommate is also forced to leave); as a result of so many problems between me and my roommate; and move into an apartment of six people.

Its not as bad as you might think, I got a room all to myself seeing its empty and the only bummer thing about this whole situation is that I have to share the bathroom! And I feel an urge beyond me to tell you that the bathroom is as clean as a dirty trash can!

well, life goes both ways and I was lucky enough to have found this room and even though the other residents seem nice I made it my mission to stay alone and stay safe from any interactions which will lead to debates which might lead to disagreements and which will definitely lead to confrontations! oh well, its better this way!

Diary #1: Could I get a single room?


This is my third semester at Akhawayn in Ifrane, which is a university modeled as Morocco’s Harvard (cliche I know!) and its students are considered and celebrated as the next or future leaders of Morocco.

However, behind all of this glamour and mesmerizing facade, lies the fact that many students are forced to live in a double room, some not even inside campus without the possibility to pay double and get a single room. I know that this might get me in so much trouble and my plate is already full with controversy stemming from my westernized character! but if people truly believe in democracy, freedom of expression and Constructive criticism they will have no other way than to accept my right to self-express my utter disappointment with how the system of Morocco’s so-called N°1 university works. Single rooms should be available to those able to pay the fee and not be strictly evolving around a seemingly endless waiting-list.

As of this writing, I’m positioned 77th on the list! I may never get the single room seeing that I have about 2 to 2.5 years to graduate.