Lindsay Lohan

Ifrane – Lindsay Lohan is stepping in (AGAIN) to save her childhood mansion from going into foreclosure and this time, Lilo is BUYING THE HOUSE from mother Dina Lohan.

TIWA has learned that Lindsay Lohan is working with her financial team to provide sufficient funds to buy her childhood mansion from Mother Dina for an estimated $1.1 Million which will enable Dina to save the house and have much-needed cash. Although TIWA can’t independently verify the claims, Lindsay is said to have earned an estimated $4 Million as of this writing in 2013.

Lindsay, who had her fair chair of financial troubles, was paid $2 Million by Oprah to do a docu-series for Lady O’s OWN channel. Lohan will probably be using what is left from that $2 Million paycheck to buy the house.

Harry Styles rumored to be suffering from Eating disorder & Asthma


Ifrane – One Direction’s hunk Harry Styles is known for his soft voice, flamboyant style & tattoos, dating older women (Taylor Swift included) and now, TIWA can report that Styles may be suffering from Asthma.

Sources tell TIWA that Styles not only suffers from a severe eating disorder, but the One D star is also fighting Asthma. TIWA could not independently verify the claims, ybut the source continue that Styles has been trying to hide his anorexia-like symptoms and Asthma attacks from fans since he was skyrocketed to fame by the X Factor.


The Curse Of Chucky: First Fan Review – 2013


Ifrane – So its been months and months of waiting to see the 6th chapter of a story that changed my perception of Horror movies, The Curse Of Chucky.

The first time I saw Chucky was in “Child’s Play 1” and since then, my heart fell in love with Chucky. I never though, even at young age, that chucky was scary. Actually, I though that the character although being a cold-blood killer was funny and laughs-making factor in the movie. In the 6th installment, Chucky is back better than ever and rave reviews are coming, and coming fast. But I thought, a peer-review from me, a young 21-year old college student, would be way better and more closer to the youths than a review by a saggy, sad old 60-year old critic.

Here is my review guys, and its way not as professional as those of famed critics but it showcases what I think about the movie. IT IS A MUST-WATCH! It could even be one of the best horror movies of 2013 and in my eyes, it is the personification of a solid comeback by Chucky. The movie is scary, thrilling and blood-rushing. Although gore and blood-full, it still has a story, a story with a human factor and the viewer is kept waiting to see what will happen next! Chucky is as professional as always (that was supposed to be a joke) and the plot is, or could probably be, one of the most eye-catching plots in the whole series of Chucky. That is without forgeting to mention how professional (seriously this time) the cast is, although I had a hard time recognizing the actors (actually I googled most of them) there should be no doubt that their performance was that of A-listers.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for! The Curse of Chucky is out now on “Video On Demand VOD) and will be available next month on DVD/Blu-Ray and I URGE URGE URGE you all to watch it! 😀