Emma Roberts Trying to be the next Lindsay Lohan?


Saidia – Emma Roberts just got arrested in her first, or at least major, run-in with the law placing her name and last name of her famous aunt in the front page of gossip websites….is she trying to be the next Lindsay Lohan?

No one can deny that run-ins with the law may have a huge impact in skyrocketing a celeb’s career, maybe not in an Oscar-styled way, but think of how much attention Lindsay Lohan earned from her run-ins with the law, and although her career suffered, she just scored a $2 Million deal with Oprah and is planning a comeback. There is nothing more interesting than a comeback for people.

Maybe Emma Roberts is looking for Lilo-like career because she just got herself arrested for a domestic violence incident in Canada (a bit different than Lilo) after allegedly bloodying her boyfriend, Evan Peters who stars in “American Horror Story”. But why was she arrested? Its simple, Evan had visible injuries while both actually hit each other.

This is the first time we hear about Emma since, well since she was punk’d really, and we hope the next time we hear about Emma, it would be for a more positive news.

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