SINAI: Attack With Heavy Weapons on an Army base


Saidia – Breaking news coming from Egypt’s Sinai as violence continue in the once tourists-magnet area of Egypt.

Reuters reported today that armed groups attacked an Egyptian military camp in Sinai while eyewitnesses tell reuters that loud explosions could be heard from the Egyptian border town of Rafah. The attack comes as security in the Sinai peninsula deteriorated following the fall of ousted president Morsi from power by widespread demonstrations supported by the Armed Forces. The main suspects are believed to be  Morsi loyalists who warned of violence before and after Morsi’s ouster from power.

Check out Reuters for more details concerning the situation in Egypt and Sinai.

Muammar Gaddafi’s Compound To be Transformed into Public Park


Tripoli – Libyan tourism minister Ikram Abdel Salam announced that Libyan authorities will be transforming Gaddafi’s 6 square kilometer compound into a public park.

Following the fall of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, much of the family-owned homes and assets were seized and raided by joyful crowds celebrating the fall of who they like to describe as “Crazy, madman dictator” and his regime. But the most important Gaddafi asset is by far the family’s compound in the center of Tripoli. The 6 square kilometer compound included lavish residences for Gaddafi’s family and key officials, swimming pools, lush gardens and surely Gaddafi’s tents. Since the fall of Tripoli back on August 2011, much of the compound was destroyed by angry crowds, armed groups and NATO which bombed the compound on different occasions with August 22nd being the last time.

Plans by the Libyan government to transform Bab Al Azizia into a public park was highly welcomed by Libyans who expressed utter joy to hear that the place they once feared to even look at, is now turning into a place where Libyan families can enjoy each others company in a 6 square kilometer park. The minister also stated that the overall image of the park will be noticeable about 2 months from now.

The 7th Day of Ramadan: People Finally Coping


Saidia – Today is the 7th day of Ramadan here in Morocco and people are back to their pre-first-day-Ramadan energetic although fasting. 

Unlike what many westerns think, Ramadan of 2013 isn’t Ramadan of 665 because people always find a way to cope with the very special Ramadan routine and soon get back to being energetic and seemingly not fasting. The reasons vary from house to house, family to family and person to person. Most young people spend the day sleeping and wake up only 4 to 3 hours short from the Maghrib (time to break the fasting), while other young people who need to work, cope with each passing day as job-related issues takes their thinking away from food. For older people, most of them work and therefor, must cope with daily Ramadan activities. Normally by the 7th day, a Muslim gets used to the Ramadan routine and at times, favorites it from the ordinary routine and starts fasting Mondays and Thursdays (Preferred yet not Forced by Islam).

Ramadan’s first couple of days always bring much confusion for family members, especially women who find themselves wondering about what to cook next.

Denzel Washington And his Wife are NOT SPLITTING

denzel-washington (1)

Saidia – Gossip Cop just revealed that Denzel Washington and his wife are not splitting in conflict to what Star magazine reported.

The website goes on to criticize Star describing the magazine as “having a serious accuracy problem”A source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop the tabloid’s report is “nonsense.”And Washington’s rep adds, “They are not divorcing, not separating. Denzel Washington’s marriage has been going strong for years now and rumors about the couple divorcing have been going around for some time now.

Well, we can finally breath! Denzel’s home being stable means better choices when it comes to movie roles, meaning great movies to watch while in the university after Ramadan.

Justin Bieber Risks Going to JAIL – New Report


Saidia – “This Is Wafi Abdouss” has learned from sources close to Justin Bieber that the singer was given a strong warning from the police after a picture of him holding a beer was leaked on the internet.

TMZ first reported about Justin’s beer photo in which Selena Gomez, his on-again off-again girlfriend, is seen canoodling with her Boyfriend. Bieber who is only 19, and by law not allowed to drink alcohol, was served by the police department with a strong warning about his latest stint. Another breaking news concerning Bieber’s antics is a claim that he spitted on the face of a man (more details on TMZ)

Bieber has been on the headlines lately mostly for news related to his private life (pot smoking, speeding and bucket peeing) rather than his singing career. Check out TMZ for Justin’s photo.

President Assad Forces Regain Full Control of Al Qaboun District


Saidia – Syrian government forces announced today that Government forces have regained control of 95% of the strategic Qaboun district near the capital Damascus.

Yesterday, government troops backed by tanks and artillery moved into Qaboun after breaching rebel defenses. Opposition activists claimed Republican Guards troops detained hundreds of people in public places to prevent rebel fighters from hitting their forces while government sources claimed that they’re in control of as much as 95% of the district with few pockets of resistance left inside the district.

If the fall of the district is actually confirmed, it will serve as yet another blow to efforts by the opposition to siege the capital.

FREE WILLY: The 20th Anniversary of A Masterpiece


Saidia – Today is a huge day in cinematic history because today is the 20th anniversary of one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest masterpieces: “Free Willy.”

No one can forget the day when they watched Free Willy because the movie, although being 2 decades old, is made in a way that defies time. The movie was one of 1993’s biggest earning movies racking in over $150 Million on a $20 Million budget and surely, beyond its financial success, one can only remember the sweetness and heartfelt emotions coming from the movie and moving viewers no matter their age or character.

Visit TMZ to see the Movie’s stars then and now!

Joel Osteen: Worth $100 Million and Makes Millions a YEAR!


Saidia – He is a pastor, author, and televangelist, Joel Osteen is the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He took over his father’s role as a pastor and televangelist, despite having very little formal religious training, in 1999. Since then, the Lakewood Church broadcast has grown exponentially and can be seen in 100 different countries.

According to “Celebrity Net Worth”, a website specialized in Celebrity money, Osteen’s net worth is believed to be $40 Million, however other sources claim that the televangelist’s net fortune exceeds $100 Million while his income is way to the tune of $8 to $10 Million a year. Talk about serious income!

Well, just like Osteen, many preachers in the Muslim World earn Millions of dollars through similar activities however the only difference, most of the cash goes under the table —> so far.

Randy Travis’s Heart Issues NOT related to Drugs – He’s awake and responding


Saidia – Finally we’ve learned that Randy Travis’ heart issues which caused his sudden hospitalization a week ago.

Doctors at the Texas hospital where Randy is getting treatment said, according to TMZ, that drugs have nothing to do with the singer’s health issues and it’s more likely that a family history of cardiomyopathy is to blame for his ongoing heart trouble. On the bright side, news websites just broke the story (as we were writing) that Randy is now awake and responding.

We are all wishing Travis a quick recovery and soon we will see him InchAllah doing what he does best: Singing on stage.

MICHAEL JACKSON: He would’ve Made $1.5 Billion


Saidia – And the saga of Michael Jackson’s finances continue as his trial drags on between AEG live and The Jackson family who is asking for as much as $40 Billion. 

Accounting specialist Arthur Erk testified that MJ would have earned minimum $1.1 billion and maximum of $1.5 Billion if he performed a worldwide concert and showcased his music in Las Vegas which reports back in late 2008 and 2009 predicted will be MJ’s best hope to pay as much as $400 Million in debts and guarantee over $1 Billion in profits.

However, TMZ reports that Erk said he deducted what he felt Jackson would have spent between age 50 and age 65, when he hypothetically would have retired — $134 million.