Exclusive: Lea Michele STAGED her Crying On top of Cory Monteith’s Coffin


Saidia – Lea Michele, the longtime partner of Cory, was devastated by his sudden death and was according to friends unable to contain her sadness nor could she stop crying over the passing of the love of her life. In an exclusive photo obtained by “This Is Wafi Abdouss”, Lea is seen crying on Cory’s coffin. 

However, sources claim that although Lea was indeed devastated by the death of Cory, she decided not to wait until the paparazzi leave the perimeter of the airport and had to “show her emotions in front of the cameras” says one insider.

We know that Lea and Cory enjoyed a healthy relationship on and off screen, and we could understand the degree of sadness felt by Lea but we can’t ignore any reports or claims sent to us for us to share and analyse.

40 comments on “Exclusive: Lea Michele STAGED her Crying On top of Cory Monteith’s Coffin

  1. Actually, this is not Lea. It is an army wife retreaving the remains of her husband. Also Cory was not American, he was Canadian, AND there’s no way any correner would be done examinining the body yet.

  2. She’s not Lea? Huffhh.. they we’re very look a like. Yeah, that’s American Flag.
    Cory :””””( i even didn’t met you yet.. i’m an ex gleeks, very shocked it happened.

      • It isn’t Lea. If you really are her “friend” you would know that Corey is Canadian NOT American (notice the AMERICAN flag draped on the casket?). Is is a poor military wife who lost her husband in the war.

      • Obviously you are a liar too “”dianna”” This is a picture of MY friend. She is a military wife who’s husband paid the ultimate sacrifice. Get your mess straight lady.

  3. take this picture down. how disrespectful to the military wife who is in this picture receiving her husbands body!

  4. Another example of the media jumping to conclusions and printing before checking their story. You should be ashamed. If you have any cop on you will take that picture down, it is disrespectful to Lea, Cory and the soldiers widow. Grow up!!

  5. THIS IS NOT LEA. This is a picture of my friend ASHELY EDENS, a military wife who’s husband made the ultimate sacrifice. They deserve a lot more respect than what is currently being given. Get your facts STRAIGHT before posting BS like this.

  6. RIP Cory love you. You were like a brother to me we worked on glee and to you @leamichele love is to you . We lost cory he still in my heart and everyone too. And everybody who worked with him including really loved him for who he was. He was so funny and helpful we miss you my heart is with you

  7. Lets look at some facts.
    1- This photo was 1st circulated early Sunday
    2- His autopsy took place MONDAY in CANADA
    3- I’m not entirely sure on which branch, but, thats a U.S. special forces jet in the background, meaning that the casket is of a soldier.
    4- The U.S. flag should have been your FIRST CLUE this was a fame…he is Canadian afterall & not a soldier.

    5- and most important. Your blatant attempt to generate fake news, to generate fake views, to generate fake rumours of Lea hamming it up for cameras is grossly offensive, grossly disrespectful to her & Cory, and mostly just gross.

    I will certainly bookmarking this article. I will certainly be using it as a sign of how pathetic wannabe attention whores can be in times of actual tragedy. You will be mocked, you will be ridiculed, you will be publicly shamed. You will, be ruined.


    • Normally, we don’t reply but keep in mind that we get emails from anonymous sources about tips. Our intentions were , are and will always be reporting everything, no matter how harsh it is to absorb.

      • So you report without checking your facts or using critical thinking/observational skills? So basically you just report gossip/fairy tales. You said it yourself.

      • We report everything and if you actually viewed all the articles talking about Cory’s death, you’ll find out that we were the first to report that the woman in the photo isn’t lea. We also reported that Cory’s cause of death. Which was true. And keep in mind, if we were that bad, why do we approve every comment … good or bad.

  8. Wow you people are sick, criticizing lea for staging this photo when It’s not even her to begin with. where do you get your source material besides your ass.

  9. How sick are you this is cleary not her as cory was canadian and the body os still being examend so wouldnt be in a coffin. Lea has lost her loved one give her space leave her alone she needs to get used to it you should be ashamed.

  10. Um…this picture is from a few years ago of an army widow who’s husband’s casket was brought back to America after he was killed in combat. You might want to try fact checking before putting out a story like this when someone is grieving. Cory Monteith’s body is still in British Colombia.

  11. wow really? this is not even her. corey’s body was cremated. get your facts straight and take this down! it’s disrespectful not only to the person who is REALLY in this picture, but to leah michele too. you can get into huge trouble for this, especially because this picture has to do with the military. you have no idea.

  12. Wow. Even though it’s not Lea, if this were true, why would you criticize her? Her freaking boyfriend DIED. She is suffering through this tragedy right now!

  13. Since when does Hollywood drape caskets of drug addicted Canadians with the American flag? Folks need to get their story strait.

  14. Please take down this pic.
    This is not lea Michele it’s a military widow. And anyways how stupid can you be to believe that a Dead cremated Canadian would have an American flag draped over his casket or the fact he was cremated so there wouldn’t be a casket ?

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