Demi Lovato “Fiercely” attacks Justin Bieber!


Saidia – Unlike millions of fans around the world, Demi Lovato isn’t a Belieber (she ain’t a fan of the Bieber)! And it loudly showed when she criticized a 22-year old JB wannabe and commented another one for the way he sung a JB song.

Demi Lovato criticized on the X-Factor two candidates using Justin Bieber’s songs, the first hopeful wasn’t lucky as the second one seeing that Demi disliked his performance (to say the least) commenting that “We don’t need another little punk running the streets”. However, seeing that the second performance was met with love from both the audience and the other judges Lovato went on and said ” Well finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung”.

Oh La La (Britney style), has Demi just opened a war with one of the world’s biggest singers along with his 40 Million followers? Hopefully its only a big misunderstanding.

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