This is why Lindsay Lohan is A Modern-Day Marilyn Monroe


Saidia – Paul Schrader, the veteran Hollywood director (most famous for Taxi driver) came out today describing actress Lindsay Lohan as a modern-day version of Marilyn Monroe and we TOTALLY AGREE!

You might be wondering what can drive the director of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming movie “the Canyons” to describe Lindsay of such esteem yet troubling title, right? For starters, Lindsay vigorously stated on different occasions how fond she is of Marilyn Monroe and everything about the Hollywood icon. LILO has been keen to “copy” some of Marilyn’s characteristics such as the “Kiss Blowing, Hair, scandals, and more recently her face”. Lohan is rumored to have undergone several procedures to look more like Monroe, and we can’t deny the difference between how Lohan used to look like before 2011 and today.

Besides Lohan and Monroe’s similar personal lives, Lindsay’s film career is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated careers as her movies have grossed nearly $1  Billion according to Lifetime. From her scandalous life to her spotlighted acting/singing career, Lindsay Lohan is the closest thing to Marilyn Monroe in our time.

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