The Preacher: One of the best series of Ramadan 2013

Saidia – The Preacher (مسلسل الداعية) has come out as one of the potential best series of Ramadan 2013.

The reason behind such statement is the relevance between the current political atmosphere in Egypt and how the series cleverly denounces the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and how they “stole” the revolution, though being a family-drama series focusing slightly on politics, slightly on religion and generally on social and family issues.

At least for now, the first two episodes of The Preacher seem exciting, ravishing and can’t wait to see what happens next!

2 comments on “The Preacher: One of the best series of Ramadan 2013

  1. Are you following this series?
    I’ve been trying to follow. But because I’m only half Arab and live in the US, my Arabic is pretty weak, and I don’t always understand what’s going on. If you’ve been following, you should write reviews for each episode 😉
    Ramadan kareem

    • Actually Yes I am following this series along with 6 or 7 other series. But the Preacher is by far one of my favorite this Ramadan. I’m also glad to hear that you are trying to follow the series and I urge you to continue because it will largely help your Arabic to improve. I will try writing reviews as much as I can.

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