Amanda Bynes’s twitter followers reach nearly 3 Million


Saidia – Amanda Bynes’s actions may raise many eyebrows, but wasn’t Charlie Sheen’s behavior questioned back in 2011 until he scored his ow show and basically re-branded his image successfully creating a cult.

Amanda on the other hand, although enjoy small-scale success as a Disney star and starring in memorable movies such as she’s the man, still was far from being as famous as her peers (aka Lindsay Lohan). Recently, Amanda emerged as the latest “koko” celeb with a string of weird photos, tweets and erratic behaviors. Some have been saying she’s going crazy, needs help or bipolar but her erratic behavior gained her free press attention, more movie roles, higher appearance fees and more importantly, the attention raised her twitter followers from merely half a million to nearly 3 MILLION! so who is the stupid now?

Everyone of us dreams, even in secret, of the lives of the rich and famous but we choose to sit around and criticize their lives.

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