Trending on Twitter: #MoroccoNeedsOneDirection

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Saidia – And so Moroccans are getting addicted to twitter with each passing day. Now, Moroccans are joining the trending trend and the ost recent attempt is #MoroccoNeedsOneDirection!

Millions of Moroccans (or at least tens of thousands) of twitter users are coming together to send a message (although based on twitter) to the A-list One Direction boy-band.. Why exactly, we don’t know but as one twitter using Moroccan puts it: Morocco wants One Direction to notice them!

Good luck..

Adel Emam’s “Al Araf” first two episodes are “distasteful”


Saidia – We’ve been holding our breaths, waiting to watch Adel Emam’s “Al Araf” or “The Godfather”, lingering to find out what the “Leader” has in-store for us during Ramadan 2013.

Unfortunately, We were, to say the least, surprised by how “distasteful” the first episode. Nothing happened in the series first episode besides a continues comparison between the rich and poor along with “distasteful” music, at a time classic and other time, popular music. What struck us the most as shocking is the fact that Adel Emam didn’t appear in the first episode, not even in one scene. The second episode was largely better, Emam finally appeared and man his acting is as amazing, as funny and as clever as always! The only problem concerning the 2nd episode is that NOTHING HAPPENED! the episode evolved around Emam appearing as a Major General in the police (specializing in the public funds) and conducting face-to-face meetings with businessmen, accusing them of unethical and illegal actions and then sentencing them to prison after presenting them with minted lemon juice….great for a scene but illogical for an entire episode. It should be noted that Emam is being paid $4 Million for Al’Araf.

We don’t want to get into details, but the first two episodes were a disaster for a mega star such as Adel Emam. However, we are still hoping and will continue watching.

The Preacher: One of the best series of Ramadan 2013

Saidia – The Preacher (مسلسل الداعية) has come out as one of the potential best series of Ramadan 2013.

The reason behind such statement is the relevance between the current political atmosphere in Egypt and how the series cleverly denounces the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and how they “stole” the revolution, though being a family-drama series focusing slightly on politics, slightly on religion and generally on social and family issues.

At least for now, the first two episodes of The Preacher seem exciting, ravishing and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Reports: Kim Kardashian’s daughter “North West” Could appear in the finale!


Saidia – E! News reports today that Kim and Kanye’s little bundle of joy is having the time of her life as happy child of the mega famous Kardashian and West families.

“Nori is doing great. She’s such a happy and smiley baby and she sleeps incredibly well at night,” a Kardashian family insider told E! News. “Obviously, she’s not sleeping through the night just yet, but she’s getting there.”

With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continuing to care for their “beautiful” daughter near Los Angeles, many are wondering if Kim will show her baby in the family’s reality show. While some say Kanye isn’t happy with the idea, which might explain the deliberate silence from the Kards concerning the baby (alongside their desire to cash in more money). Other sources suggest that Kim has made a final decision to show her baby in the show although the exact episode isn’t known to date. Some however jumped to say that baby North West will be revealed in the season finale of Keeping up With the Kards! Speaking of the family’s reality show, its been revealed that the family has struck a deal worth $50 Million for the last 2 seasons with E! and Ryan Secrest along with all the endorsements and business deals with relations to their reality shows empire.

The Kards pull huge bucks from their reality shows (over $30 Million a year) but they also earn well over $20 Million from their fashion stores, perfumes and beauty lines. You might think that Paris Hilton is jealous, don’t be! Because the Hilton heiress sent her congratulations to Kim and Kanye for the birth of their baby according to web “entertainment activists”.

We are just happy to see that both the parents and their baby girl North West are healthy, happy and enjoying their lives ….. even with all the buzz and attention around.

Kate Middleton’s Fortune worth Millions of Dollars


Saidia – The future queen of England Kate Middleton has been making headlines since her 2011 fairytale-like marriage to prince William, but today, its her finances that will be making headlines apart from her much-talked about baby news.

There is nothing more exciting for “commoners” than to view exactly how celebrities, in this case royalty, spend their cash and we have the latest. From forbes to WikiHow, we searched through the net and got help from ever-helping sources to know exactly how wealthy is Kate and her hubby!  Kate gets a monthly salary from her husband in the tune of $50,000 while her “official” travels, appearances, clothes and such are paid by the British thrown. Middleton also gets financial aid from her father-in-law and parents who are believed to be worth $10 Million.

Kate also struck business deals with magazines, fashion stores and companies for indirect endorsement and image use, racking over $3 Million a year let alone all the “under the table” income from unknown sources let alone gifts and presents from the world’s rich and powerful. All of this brings Kate’s net worth to Millions of dollars while at the time of her marriage, she only owned a £1 Million flat in Chelsea.

Amanda Bynes’s twitter followers reach nearly 3 Million


Saidia – Amanda Bynes’s actions may raise many eyebrows, but wasn’t Charlie Sheen’s behavior questioned back in 2011 until he scored his ow show and basically re-branded his image successfully creating a cult.

Amanda on the other hand, although enjoy small-scale success as a Disney star and starring in memorable movies such as she’s the man, still was far from being as famous as her peers (aka Lindsay Lohan). Recently, Amanda emerged as the latest “koko” celeb with a string of weird photos, tweets and erratic behaviors. Some have been saying she’s going crazy, needs help or bipolar but her erratic behavior gained her free press attention, more movie roles, higher appearance fees and more importantly, the attention raised her twitter followers from merely half a million to nearly 3 MILLION! so who is the stupid now?

Everyone of us dreams, even in secret, of the lives of the rich and famous but we choose to sit around and criticize their lives.

This is why Lindsay Lohan is A Modern-Day Marilyn Monroe


Saidia – Paul Schrader, the veteran Hollywood director (most famous for Taxi driver) came out today describing actress Lindsay Lohan as a modern-day version of Marilyn Monroe and we TOTALLY AGREE!

You might be wondering what can drive the director of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming movie “the Canyons” to describe Lindsay of such esteem yet troubling title, right? For starters, Lindsay vigorously stated on different occasions how fond she is of Marilyn Monroe and everything about the Hollywood icon. LILO has been keen to “copy” some of Marilyn’s characteristics such as the “Kiss Blowing, Hair, scandals, and more recently her face”. Lohan is rumored to have undergone several procedures to look more like Monroe, and we can’t deny the difference between how Lohan used to look like before 2011 and today.

Besides Lohan and Monroe’s similar personal lives, Lindsay’s film career is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated careers as her movies have grossed nearly $1  Billion according to Lifetime. From her scandalous life to her spotlighted acting/singing career, Lindsay Lohan is the closest thing to Marilyn Monroe in our time.