Japan getting ready for War with China and North Korea?

Saidia – Reuters reports today that Japan is moving towards enhancing its military capabilities in order to be able to confront threats by neighboring arms-addicts China and NK (aka North Korea).

But why? Its simple guys, China and Japan claim sovereignty over some small islands which were the scene of some near-to-happen confrontation between Japanese and Chinese battleships stationed in the perimeter of the islands. Analysts are fearing the worst (A War between two of the World’s most powerful countries) while other say both Japanese and Chinese leaderships are keen to keep things cold for the sake of their prosperity. Now you might be wondering what North Korea has to do with all this, right? well North Korea is a close ally of China and if the latter enters a war, NK will doubtfully sit around doing nothing.

It would be really sad to see things go south between Japan and China, although a War won’t solve things, sitting around won’t change things either.


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