Assad Forces advance in Homs as Blasts rock Hezbollah’s stronghold


Saidia – Syrian government forces continued advancing in the Khalidiya district in central Homs seizing what government sources described as 40% of the rebel-stronghold.

Without arms, rebels inside Homs won’t be able to stand much longer in the face of Assad’s tank fire, artillery attacks and continuing attempts to storm the districts. The situation is becoming bad to the point that rebels are threatening to blow themselves inside the ancient Khalid Ibn Al Walid mosque which is the scene of major skirmishes between regular and rebel forces. As military operations in Syria is swinging in favor of the government militarily and politically (US and EU postponing arms deliveries indefinitely according to RT), Hezbollah’s stronghold in southern Beirut was struck by a major blast that took the lives of more than 50 instantly.

Unlike Gaddafi, Assad enjoys the support of major states and militias and while his opponents thought him to be weaker than Libya’s slain leader, Assad has proven that the real force in the battle field is in the hands of his troops and of his strong Hezbollah ally.

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