Assad Forces advance in Homs as Blasts rock Hezbollah’s stronghold


Saidia – Syrian government forces continued advancing in the Khalidiya district in central Homs seizing what government sources described as 40% of the rebel-stronghold.

Without arms, rebels inside Homs won’t be able to stand much longer in the face of Assad’s tank fire, artillery attacks and continuing attempts to storm the districts. The situation is becoming bad to the point that rebels are threatening to blow themselves inside the ancient Khalid Ibn Al Walid mosque which is the scene of major skirmishes between regular and rebel forces. As military operations in Syria is swinging in favor of the government militarily and politically (US and EU postponing arms deliveries indefinitely according to RT), Hezbollah’s stronghold in southern Beirut was struck by a major blast that took the lives of more than 50 instantly.

Unlike Gaddafi, Assad enjoys the support of major states and militias and while his opponents thought him to be weaker than Libya’s slain leader, Assad has proven that the real force in the battle field is in the hands of his troops and of his strong Hezbollah ally.

Spanish Helicopter Enters Moroccan Airspace….for weeks!


Saidia – According Hespress, a Spanish helicopter has been entering Moroccan airspace for the past few weeks near the occupied city of Melilla searching for sub-Saharan immigrants trying to sneak into the city.

The website although confirming the operation is being coordinated with Moroccan authorities, is to say the least, a disgrace to Morocco, government and people, for giving permission to a former colonizer to disgracefully disrespect Morocco’s sovereignty even more than it already is. We can admit that taking back Ceuta and Melilla won’t happen as long as we’re a weak, developing country. That doesn’t mean its ok to given in to Spanish bullying.

We are big fans of Spain, we hail the economic relations between Morocco and Spain, we appreciate the Spanish culture and history but we love our country way more than staying silent for such outrageous acts done under any circumstances.

Japan getting ready for War with China and North Korea?

Saidia – Reuters reports today that Japan is moving towards enhancing its military capabilities in order to be able to confront threats by neighboring arms-addicts China and NK (aka North Korea).

But why? Its simple guys, China and Japan claim sovereignty over some small islands which were the scene of some near-to-happen confrontation between Japanese and Chinese battleships stationed in the perimeter of the islands. Analysts are fearing the worst (A War between two of the World’s most powerful countries) while other say both Japanese and Chinese leaderships are keen to keep things cold for the sake of their prosperity. Now you might be wondering what North Korea has to do with all this, right? well North Korea is a close ally of China and if the latter enters a war, NK will doubtfully sit around doing nothing.

It would be really sad to see things go south between Japan and China, although a War won’t solve things, sitting around won’t change things either.

Morocco’s “Rebel Movement”: Lacking public support?


Saidia – Following the success of Egypt’s Rebel Movement in toppling President’s Morsi from power, movements bearing the same name spread swiftly in other Arab countries with Islamist governments, including Morocco.

So how much support does enjoy in Morocco? We tried to find out through searching for any page, group or even website named after this movement, but besides being mentioned by Moroccan news websites, we failed to see any strong support for this “movement” besides 220 likes in what looks like their official Facebook page. What struck us the most is how the epidemic of “copying and pasting” is spread in our Arab culture, alongside what should be called “cancer” of the Arab nation ….. enlarging small news stories.

As both Libyan, Tunisian, Syrian, Yemeni and Egyptian subjects are getting boring, news outlets throughout the Arab world are trying to search for new “subjects” to highlight and gain more views –>more money.


Ellie Goulding’s Burn Is My Official Summer Anthem!

Saidia – So I’ve been uploading songs since may, just hoping to find a song that I can call my “Summer Anthem” but with no luck.

However, just yesterday, A Good friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall a link to Ellie’s song and I was like “Damn, this song is AMAZING”. and finally I’ve found the song of summer 2013. Its really sad that Ellie is underrated by the music industry and is often accused of using auto-tune by critics and music analysts, but I personally don’t care as long as the song is good….something people forget.

Ellie, you’re amazing and the industry will find itself sooner or later forced to recognize you.