Lebanon’s Dilemma: The Syrian Civil War


Saidia – Lebanon is really find itself (as most analysts predicted) in the middle of the Syrian Civil War all thanks to the powerful military wing of Hezbollah which proved itself being a strong ally and a loyal one for president Assad.

As Hezbollah’s forces continue to cross the borders to neighboring Syria according to sources in order to participate in the battles (mainly Homs/Aleppo), Lebanese are holding their breaths because if Assad wins, Lebanon might be more eligible to stay as stable as it is now says political analysts (I don’t know about that) but what if Assad actually loses? Although it is highly unlikely to happen, many are believing Assad might meet the same faith of Gaddafi who was viciously raped and killed by the rebels in his hometown of Sirte where he made his last stand.

If Assad falls, the Sunni rebels will likely turn on Lebanon for harboring and turning a blind eye on Hezbollah’s military operations and if they had enough military force, they might even start a campaign against Hezbollah positions or even Lebanon as a country, targeting the Shiites of Lebanon who make up to 45% of Lebanon’s 4.5 Million population. But then again, many of these Analysts proved to be as bad as my grandmother’s taste in series!

I wouldn’t believe everything Analysts say but websites and TV Channels like to add them as “sources” to make their news more worthy (including us).

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