Lebanon’s Dilemma: The Syrian Civil War


Saidia – Lebanon is really find itself (as most analysts predicted) in the middle of the Syrian Civil War all thanks to the powerful military wing of Hezbollah which proved itself being a strong ally and a loyal one for president Assad.

As Hezbollah’s forces continue to cross the borders to neighboring Syria according to sources in order to participate in the battles (mainly Homs/Aleppo), Lebanese are holding their breaths because if Assad wins, Lebanon might be more eligible to stay as stable as it is now says political analysts (I don’t know about that) but what if Assad actually loses? Although it is highly unlikely to happen, many are believing Assad might meet the same faith of Gaddafi who was viciously raped and killed by the rebels in his hometown of Sirte where he made his last stand.

If Assad falls, the Sunni rebels will likely turn on Lebanon for harboring and turning a blind eye on Hezbollah’s military operations and if they had enough military force, they might even start a campaign against Hezbollah positions or even Lebanon as a country, targeting the Shiites of Lebanon who make up to 45% of Lebanon’s 4.5 Million population. But then again, many of these Analysts proved to be as bad as my grandmother’s taste in series!

I wouldn’t believe everything Analysts say but websites and TV Channels like to add them as “sources” to make their news more worthy (including us).

The Vampire Diaries hottie Zach Roerig has a DAUGHTER!

Saidia – Entertainment websites report today that The Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig is asking the judge for sole custody of his daughter….wait, what? Zach has a kid?

Yes indeed, the VD hottie came out today as the newest member of Hollywood’s DILF society alongside the likes of Ryan Philppe and David Beckham. Roerig who used to date fellow VD co-star Candice Accola before their last year’s split is asking the judge for sole custody of his 2 year-old daughter after her mother was sentenced to federal prison and thats not everything! The actor is asking for child support from his baby mama! seriously?! The last thing we know about VD stars is their big fat salaries and although Zach isn’t a “PRINCIPAL” actor, he is part of the main cast meaning he is earning at the very least $15000 per episode (AT LEAST) which translate to an income of $260,000 for the 4th season of VD (he appeared in 17 episodes).

Don’t know about you but we were surprised to find out about Zach’s new daddy title! weren’t you?

Ramadan Is Here: From Fez …. With Love


Saidia – Walking in the warm alleyways of the ancient city of Fez, my hands feeling the old walls of the ancient city and my eyes watching that old Jewish man in his store congratulating his Muslim neighbors for the arrival of Ramadan and if only he wasn’t wearing his trademark Jewish hat, no one will able to see any difference between him and his Muslim neighbor.


Ramadan in Morocco has a different taste, a different flavor in each city, village and douare (Small village). It might be due to the fact that Morocco is such a diverse country but today I’ll focus on the imperial city of Fez with its old riads, houses, smells, people and mosques. Entering from one of its grandiose gates, one might feel humble, at awe and obviously proud to be in a country with one of the oldest and most ancient civilizations in the world. Hearing a mom shouting at her son not to forget picking the best bread from the bakery at the end of the alley…all of this is happening, you see the granddad walking out of the mosque with his white Djellaba, red Taboush and aged yellowish Belgha (traditional Moroccan sandals). Continue walking in the old city gets more and more interesting as smells of food coming from houses with open doors taking a person in a journey from the present day to a time when security was not a concern and the neighbors were a one big happy family.

All of this beauty might be overshadowed by the negligence the old city of fez is suffering from, especially that the mayor of the city is busy securing himself a better position in the governing body of Morocco and soon, negligence will reach even the center of the old city that is if….modernity didn’t hit first….but Fez will survive as long it continues conceiving loyal citizens defying the impossible. My small story is finished and the only thing left for me to say is: From Fez….with love.

With 42 people killed, will Egyptian interim president resign?


Saidia – The treats made by the Muslim Brotherhood about destabilizing the country may have been true as violence in Egypt seems to be escalating towards an Iraq-like scenario.

Over 42 people were killed in clashes near the headquarters of the republican guard between pro-Morsi demonstrators and the Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that the army stationed in the perimeter of the republican guard HQ. With the Muslim Brotherhood seeming as strong and staunch as ever many are wondering what will happen next in the land of the pharaohs. Many parties came out with statements calling what happened a massacre against the Egyptian people and while anti-Morsi parties, political figures and news channels denounced what happened they stopped short from accusing the army of committing anything wrong while on the other hand pro-Morsi and neutral political parties called the Egyptian interim president to resign as a response to what they called a massacre. And as violence continues to spread from a city to the other, the US seems to be unable to support one part over the other as president Obama’s administration continues to send mixed signals about its stance on what happened is happening in Egypt while the vast majority of Arab countries (mainly gulf states including Qatar) publically welcomed the change in Egypt.

The violence in Egypt even caused a rift between Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera which were for the past 2 years strongly supportive of each others news reporting which might explain how delicate the situation is in Egypt.