Miley Cyrus’s Image change not pleasing fans?

Saidia – Many of us got used to Miley Cyrus as that sweet little kid who we grow up watching on Disney’s Hannah Montana. For me personally, Miley was the person I wanted to be (male version) but it seems that Miley didn’t like staying young forever (RIP Michael Jackson).

Cyrus started her “image change campaign” from as early as 2010 when her album “Can’t be Tamed” which surprised Miley’s 12 year old fans who found no resemblance to their idol and while it was a financial success, the album got few thumps up even from Miley’s grownup fans (such as myself). It is logical that Miley is changing her bubbly image as she grows up for many reasons and one maybe that her diehard fans also grew up with her (again such as myself)  but it is sad that today’s young children see Miley as Hannah Montana in the reruns and when going to the net see a rocker who is trying to put herself with the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and such.

I feel sorry that Miley isn’t that same little girl who used to drive her little white bicycle with a puppy put in the basket! but life goes on…

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