Miley Cyrus’s Image change not pleasing fans?

Saidia – Many of us got used to Miley Cyrus as that sweet little kid who we grow up watching on Disney’s Hannah Montana. For me personally, Miley was the person I wanted to be (male version) but it seems that Miley didn’t like staying young forever (RIP Michael Jackson).

Cyrus started her “image change campaign” from as early as 2010 when her album “Can’t be Tamed” which surprised Miley’s 12 year old fans who found no resemblance to their idol and while it was a financial success, the album got few thumps up even from Miley’s grownup fans (such as myself). It is logical that Miley is changing her bubbly image as she grows up for many reasons and one maybe that her diehard fans also grew up with her (again such as myself)  but it is sad that today’s young children see Miley as Hannah Montana in the reruns and when going to the net see a rocker who is trying to put herself with the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and such.

I feel sorry that Miley isn’t that same little girl who used to drive her little white bicycle with a puppy put in the basket! but life goes on…

The Most Amazing City: DUBAI


Saidia – Dubai, stop and focus on this word. Dubai is an Arab city in the heartland of one of the world’s most positively driven people with great sense of hospitality.

Most of my fellow Arabs on the other hand, like to call people from the Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (golf countries) all sorts of negative and envious words, I was surprised to meet a Dubai-native through Facebook whose niceness and open-mind made me go on a journey through the web to see what the Emirates is all about and for you guys, I think its wise to do the same before labeling anyone but reading this article won’t be for vain because during my “journey” I picked the most amazing photos on the web and you get to see them in one place…. only on “This Is Wafi Abdouss” (sounds like a TV ad I know).










Toni Braxton earns $800,000 AFTER declaring bankruptcy

Saidia – Embattled singer Toni Braxton declared bankruptcy more than once or twice in her lifetime and the last time was back in 2010 when she claimed depts between $10 and $50 MILLION!

Braxton lost ownership of two mansions to foreclosure and was believed to be indebted to:

— AT&T, The Four Seasons Hotels, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Various medical bills, DirecTV, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., BMW Financial Services, American Express, Flamingo Las Vegas, Screen Actors Guild, Wells Fargo Bank….and the list goes on and on. but what struck us while reading new reports published on many websites including our favorite TMZ, Braxton earned nearly $800,000 since declaring bankruptcy only from foreign sources such as appearances, concerts among other sources.

The good news continue as Toni seems to have finally got her finances in shape and settled her bankruptcy case agreeing on different legal stuff that you can check for yourselves on TMZ, ET and such!


Former president Hosni Mubarak: Egypt’s only hope for stability?

Saidia – With the fall of a democratically elected president in Egypt Dr. Mohammed Morsi,many in and outside of Egypt are wondering if Mubarak was Egypt’s only hope for stability.

We don’t think so because even though Egypt was in a better shape during the rule of Mubarak especially in the foreign politic department it should be also noted that officials in Mubarak’s regime also ate their way through Egypt’s fortune, stealing Billions and causing major financial problems for Egypt.

Under Mubarak’s rule, Egypt’s dept rose to unprecedented records (until Morsi arrived) and corruption spread on different levels in all sorts of state department and no need to mention the degree of unemployment, poverty and illiteracy and that big fancy and wide spread three words “state of emergency”.

All this is bad but Egyptians enjoyed a stable life secured by strong security forces, intelligence and the much respected Armed forces. The question that should be asked is whether stability is better than freedom of expression…something Egypt’s Mubarak failed to give his people, among other necessities of a descent life.