The Battle of Homs: Assad forces days away from finishing?


Saidia – Homs is the scene of a major offensive by Government forces supposedly supported by Hezbollah militias and Iran’s revolutionary guard. 

Following the successful capture Qusair, a once rebel stronghold, Assad’s forces started two operations one in Aleppo which was highly publicized by the government and the second operation in the central city of Homs which was probably deliberately kept on the lowdown. As both pro and anti-Assad media channels focused on Aleppo, activists started publishing videos of unprecedented aerial and ground attack prompting them to believe that Assad’s forces are trying to seize control of the 20% rebel areas in Homs.

As of this writing, Assad’s forces claim to have pushed the rebels further back adding they have seized control of 5% leaving the rebels in control of only 15% of the city.

How Rich Is Scott Disick?


Saidia – We have been seeing Scott Disick on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and its spin-offs since 2007 and no wonder, Disick’s fortune grew along the way.

The boytoy of Kourtney Kardashian and the father of her 2 children is said to be earning — $35000 per episode since 2010! and for the last 2 seasons it is claimed that Scott will be taking home a whopping $50000 per episode. With all the endorsement deals, appearances and paid event hosting sources tell us that Scott’s fortune ballooned to well over $10 Million.

I personally find it amazing how a person, although funny and very entertaining, lacking any talent besides being a “bastard” can earn in one episode what most Americans earn in ONE YEAR! but hey, luck is luck and the Kardashian/Jenner/Disick have plenty of that!

Latest Michael Jackson Trial may have led to Paris Jackson’s Meltdown


Saidia – Paris Jackson’s highly publicized meltdown may have been caused by non-other than all the nasty accusation and supposed development in the Michael Jackson estate vs AEG Live trial.

According to a psychiatric evaluation claimed to be by a Dubai-based doctor, Paris might have been unable to sustain seeing her father being accused of abusing 24 children, showing photos of his frail body and highlighting everything wrong about the king of pop. Paris may also be going through a simple adolescence crisis as she gets used to a life without her loving father.

We wish paris all the best and we hope she receives the help she needs.