The Most Anticipated Series of Ramadan 2013


Berkane – Since I returned from the university to spend the three months of the summer vacation home with my family, TV channels from Nile Drama to Dream and MBC Drama, didn’t stop broadcasting promos of their Ramadan programming from as early as May! And  from all of the promos I watched, here is a list of my most anticipated series:

1- Al Araf

2- Al Shake

3- Moussalsalikou

4- Moujate 7are

5- Al 9assirates

6- Nirane Sadi9a

7- Zawja Al Thania

8- Assia

9- Waniss Wa L3ibad Wa A7wale Al Bilade

I’ve seen many many series with highly professional promos this Ramadan and so I think that this year’s Ramadan will be a star studded event full with big budget Arab series.

By Wafi Abdouss


MBC Max having serious ratings slide?

Recently I’ve been witnessing an unprecedented amount of publicity on different MBC channels hailing MBC Max and kinda begging people to start watching the channel which according to the promos has now “more choices”!

Since its creation back in 2008, I didn’t know exactly why MBC Max was created! I mean MBC 2 and MBC Action provide enough movies and series! I guess the administration in MBC Group thought its gonna be as successful as MBC 2 especially with the family and they proclaimed it to be a family-friendly channel but I failed to see any difference between MBC 2 and Max.

What can I say, was it a bad idea to launch MBC Max? Maybe but I highly doubt they’re gonna take if off the air because after all they kept MBC Persia.