The Million Dollar Question: Where is President Mohammed Morsi?

Berkane – A new president has been sworn, protests have diminished, the army has largely pulled out of cities but toppled Egyptian president is nowhere to be found!

Last time president Morsi was seen is July 3rd 2013 during a speech broadcast late that night and then a video supposedly recorded by Morsi few minutes before the second army statement surfaced on Al Jazeera Egypt but since then mixed reports came out some suggesting that Morsi has been apprehended and is being detained in the ministry of defense while other reports claimed he was being kept in the HQ of the republican guard.

So, in only 1 day president Morsi is really not the president anymore, his government has been toppled, his prime minister charged and convicted with 1 year in prison, pro-Morsi channels closed by the military including the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Egypt and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has been arrested! IN ONE DAY! but still, where is Morsi?

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