Lindsay Lohan spends B-Day at Rehab but Continues earning Money


Berkane – The redhead actress/singer spent her 27th birthday in rehab and was denied going out or receiving guests (besides her lawyer) however, her night wasn’t that bad after all because she was allowed some time on the internet and she got to send some tweets to her fans by herself.

Lindsay will be a “free” woman on August 1st 2013 and according to reports she is planning to get away from the limelights and spotlights of Hollywood as she plans to hide away in an undisclosed location Maybe that will inspire Lilo to write a book, think about resurrecting a SUCCESSFUL career or write songs for her next album. Lilo previously stated in an interview while in Brazil that she is working on a new album and said “Its gonna be really good”.

Continuing on the bright side of Lohan’s life, sources tell us that the actress isn’t really in a bad financial state as of today because according to these sources who claimed to be close friends, Lindsay earns over $20000 from her clothing line and can ask for as much as $50000 for a major appearance. Lindsay is also rumored to be close to signing a record deal worth over $5 Million according to the same sources.

When asked about Lindsay’s rehab payments the sources confirmed that Lindsay is paying her own bills with money she earned from her Brasil appearances, future appearances and endorsement deals she made just before she went to rehab adding that Lohan secured herself with over $1 Million worth of endorsements.

I hope Lilo continues in this positive path and we wish her only the best and quick recovery from her current state.

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