Lindsay Lohan spends B-Day at Rehab but Continues earning Money


Berkane – The redhead actress/singer spent her 27th birthday in rehab and was denied going out or receiving guests (besides her lawyer) however, her night wasn’t that bad after all because she was allowed some time on the internet and she got to send some tweets to her fans by herself.

Lindsay will be a “free” woman on August 1st 2013 and according to reports she is planning to get away from the limelights and spotlights of Hollywood as she plans to hide away in an undisclosed location Maybe that will inspire Lilo to write a book, think about resurrecting a SUCCESSFUL career or write songs for her next album. Lilo previously stated in an interview while in Brazil that she is working on a new album and said “Its gonna be really good”.

Continuing on the bright side of Lohan’s life, sources tell us that the actress isn’t really in a bad financial state as of today because according to these sources who claimed to be close friends, Lindsay earns over $20000 from her clothing line and can ask for as much as $50000 for a major appearance. Lindsay is also rumored to be close to signing a record deal worth over $5 Million according to the same sources.

When asked about Lindsay’s rehab payments the sources confirmed that Lindsay is paying her own bills with money she earned from her Brasil appearances, future appearances and endorsement deals she made just before she went to rehab adding that Lohan secured herself with over $1 Million worth of endorsements.

I hope Lilo continues in this positive path and we wish her only the best and quick recovery from her current state.

The Million Dollar Question: Where is President Mohammed Morsi?

Berkane – A new president has been sworn, protests have diminished, the army has largely pulled out of cities but toppled Egyptian president is nowhere to be found!

Last time president Morsi was seen is July 3rd 2013 during a speech broadcast late that night and then a video supposedly recorded by Morsi few minutes before the second army statement surfaced on Al Jazeera Egypt but since then mixed reports came out some suggesting that Morsi has been apprehended and is being detained in the ministry of defense while other reports claimed he was being kept in the HQ of the republican guard.

So, in only 1 day president Morsi is really not the president anymore, his government has been toppled, his prime minister charged and convicted with 1 year in prison, pro-Morsi channels closed by the military including the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Egypt and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has been arrested! IN ONE DAY! but still, where is Morsi?

Warlock Charlie Sheen asks Judge to stop paying Brooke!


Berkane – According to TMZ (Love that website) Charlie Sheen has just filed (man that a LOT of money).

Sources close to Charlie tell TMZ that he thinks it’s absurd he should pay her anything while she’s in rehab, because she doesn’t have the kids they’re with his other ex-wife actress Denise Richards.

Personally I think Brooke should get it together and start living her life as a responsible MOTHER and not like a 19 year-old version (really bad one) of Lindsay Lohan who is by the way doing great! Charlie Sheen got it together and is doing fine, Paris Hilton too and Kim Kardashian is now a mom which leaves Brooke the only one left (Amanda is still young).

by Wafi Abdouss.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s leader arrested in the same prison as Mubarak!


Berkane – Who would have thought that once the most powerful man in Egypt would end up arrested in the same prison as ousted president Hosny Mubarak.

All came down when Egyptians took to the streets demanding Morsi to step down and as Morsi continued to refuse to step down his supporters viciously and aggressively continued demonstrating  in support of the “legitimacy” of Morsi as an elected president warning that they will resort to violence if he is ousted!

As the scene looked bleaker with each day passing, the armed forces announced a 48 time limit for all parties involved to resolve the crisis however, with each party showing no signs of backing down and the president sticking to his “legitimacy”, news started breaking that the armed forces staged a coup from pro and anti-Morsi sources and by the end of July 3rd, Abdul Fatah Khalil al-Sisi, head of Egyptian Armed Forces, came out with a statement announcing the end of Morsi’s regime.

I don’t want to get into details that you might already know about what exactly happened but the most important news coming from Egypt is the arrest of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leadership and the placement of its leader in the same prison as Mubarak (Karma hhhh). What can I say! I didn’t think Morsi would fall… at least this way, this time!

By Wafi Abdouss

President Assad: The fall of Morsi’s regime wasn’t a surprise for us!


Berkane – Syrian president Bashar Al Assad announced today that his government predicted the fall of “Political Islam” sooner or later says the embattled syrian president.

Assad, who is facing a 2 year-old civil war against an ill-armed and foreign-supported rebels, seemed to be gloating adding that Morsi’s regime falling down didn’t come as a surprise. I think Assad is definitely gloating seeing that Morsi was just a couple of weeks ago announcing the end of all relations between Damascus and Cairo.

All this comes as Assad’s forces seem to gain the upper hand in the conflict after making strategic gains for the past few weeks.

by Wafi Abdouss

Lindsay Lohan: Watching “I Know Who Killed Me” is a bad Idea

Lindsay Lohan knows … her stripper movie “I Know Who Killed Me” was so bad, no one should ever watch it … EVER … at least that’s what she’s telling her fans. 

Lohan — who’s still in rehab at Cliffside Malibu — was allowed to play around on the Internet yesterday (which happened to be her birthday) … and responded to a fan who had tweeted her the following message:

“@lindsaylohan can you tweet me I seriously watched I know who killed me twice last night.”

Lohan’s response was classic — “two times too many!”