Egypt: Why President Mohamed Morsi won’t fall


Berkane – While being in Casablanca with my parents for a business trip, news channels on June 29th started broadcasting news of protests lead by the anti-Morsi movement “Tamaroud-Rebel” and my how many people took to the streets!

As much as I disagree with the policies of Morsi and his regime, I still believe that he still enjoys a legitimacy to rule seeing that 51% of the people voted for him back in 2012. I remember sitting in our living room anticipating that Egyptians will regret ever voting for Morsi and I guess my predictions came true a year later. For why I think Morsi won’t fall, here’s the reasons from my personal and humble point of view:

– That 15 or even 20 Million “Tamaroud” signatures don’t represent the majority of the people and no court on earth recognizes such signatures as a legitimate proof for Morsi to resign.

– Morsi supporters continue poring into Cairo (mainly rab3a el 3adawiya) which will prompt a possible confrontation between anti-Morsi and pro-Morsi demonstrators if it comes to forcing the president out.

– The army continues sending mixed signals to both parties. From an ultimatum to the government to reassuring the presidency that they don’t believe in coups.

– The Muslim Brotherhood is still viciously supporting Morsi and it might resort to “terrorism” if Morsi falls which might explain why the army is keen to stay as neutral as possible.

Personally, I hope I’m wrong and I really aspire to see Egypt with a better president who represent all the Egyptians and work his best to ensure a respectful life for the people of Egypt.

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