Revenge Series: The Exciting Story Of Wealth, Sex and Great Quotes

I First started watching Revenge last summer while sitting in our summer house living room sipping cold chocolate milk waiting the dawn prayers announcing the start of another day of fasting.

I Had so many episode to watch that I ended up watching over 3 episodes ravished by an exciting will to watch more and more scenes of a scandalously addictive series. Revenge can easily join the very reclusive club of my favorite series and please don’t let your minds to take into thinking that I’m one of those snubbing author-wannabes but rather a humble Movies/series/music fanatic who happens to know one thing or two about good things of world TV.

Revenge is by far one of the shows I can never get tired of and in a weird, self-indulging way I know not why I see a striking resemblance between my mother and Victoria Grayson, maybe because they are both powerful women or maybe because they simply share the same appeal…Well one thing for sure is that I learned so many information about how wealth can change a person’s life, how sex can lead to unexpected results and most importantly how nicely written quotes can make a show more entertaining and helpful source for a college student searching to impress his American professor.


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