Diary #3: The Final Day Of Regular Classes – An Open Letter


Dear readers,

The day has finally came, a day I waited to witness since the start of the semester, a day when all students get ready to pass their finals, pack their bags and say goodbye. Today is the beginning of a journey towards a refreshing 3 month vacation back and even though 5 days are still looming in between, I feel like if the 18th of may has arrived already. Happiness, fear, anxiety, hope and guilt fight together in my mind as I reflect upon my 4 month stint at Al Akhawayn University. But could I call it a stint, maybe an experience is more suitable but then again, if it is an experience it is still far from ending as the vacation approaching is only a much needed yet limited rest period that will come into an end by Sepetember 1st when a new Fall semester begins.

So, should I be happy that the semester is over and that I’m going back home to my room, our Mansion’s maids and my loyal friends? Or should I surrender and dive to the darkness of a reality evolving around the fact that I’m bound to comeback to this lonely place where I’m seen and portrayed as a rebel with a cause of destroying AUI’s students? Who knows, I on a personal note stand firm behind the believe that no matter what, I can always drop out of college and enjoy the perks of being a rich, influential and travel-loving Abdouss Family Member.

always with love,

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